Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke Rocks RNC With Pro-Cop Message: Blue Lives MatterMilwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has been exposing the Black Lives Matter movement since it's inception two years ago, but at the RNC convention in Cleveland Monday, he took his message to a whole new level in support of the Trump campaign.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to make something very clear: Blue  Lives Matter in America!" Clarke said. "I want to talk with you about something important, indeed, a concept that five law enforcement officers were murdered and nine more were wounded for earlier this month in Dallas, and for which three more were murdered yesterday in Baton Rouge:  that is the importance of Making America Safe Again."

"What we witnessed in Ferguson, in Baltimore, and in Baton Rouge was a collapse of social order. So many of the actions of the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter transcend peaceful protest, and violates the code of conduct we rely  on. American law enforcement officers understand that race is and has been a heated issue in our country. Most appreciate the vital need for thoroughness and transparency in pursuit of the greater good in their actions, and in their investigations," he continued.

"These are truths that are self-evident to me, and which I practice, and they are the truths that Donald Trump understands and supports."

Last night on CNN, Clarke got into a heated exchange with host Don Lemon, who said on his Facebook page today that Clarke is not a good representation of men and women in uniform.

Woke up to the most vile posts regarding this interview. Interesting how conservatives feel one way about the interview and liberals feel another. It's actually kinda sad, as it is not a contest but a conversation that clearly only one of us was trying to have. Sad that emotion trumps facts and rhetoric thwarts honest discussion. That said, displaying on live television exactly what so many fear about law enforcement is probably not the best representation right now of America's men and women who so bravely wear a police badge.
During what was supposed to be an otherwise civil discourse about policing in the wake of another…

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