Thursday, August 11, 2016

Black Lives Matter defends platform accusing Israel of ‘genocide’
By Christine Williams / Jihad Watch


Black Lives Matter defends platform accusing Israel of ‘genocide’
Jihad Watch has reported on the growing alliance between opportunistic, victimology-manipulating  jihadists and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. It should now come as no surprise that Black Lives Matter platform co-author, Ben Ndugga-Kabuye, is defending a platform that delegitimizes the state of Israel, in unison with Palestinian propaganda-pushers who label Israel an apartheid state and […]

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1 comment:

  1. Black lives matter being compared to the Palestinians! I suppose they have some things in common: both are nigger groups trying to overthrow the government for power. All these nigger groups are sponsored! Doesn't George Soros supply money to Black Lives Matter? The Iranians sponsor the Palestinians with our nigger-in-chief's generous help (400 million in fucking cash).

    Israel is doing to the Palestinians what we should be doing to blacks: segregating them from the civilized world until they can join it (which will be never). Look at what the blacks did to Haiti; no matter what blacks touch they destroy it. Ferguson used to be a nice town; now it has succumbed to the black curse. Crime, poverty, and hatred of white people prevail!

    Isn't this comparable to the hate the Palestinians have for the Jews? They fight Israel with suicide bombers; blacks fight whites with crime. The result is the same for Jews and whites: their people suffer.

    The good news for the Jews is they built WALLS for a reason. Netanyahu is not so stupid that he gives away land to the muslims, or kowtows to their demands. We could learn something from the Jews in how to protect the white race from the black one. Jews are smart, I have to give it to them (the one's in Israel are smart; not American ones).

    I keep wondering when the Dome of the Rock is going to collapse. It is on its last legs right now. When that monstrosity is gone, the Jewish people can rebuild Solomon's Temple on the ground THEY own.

    This is only my opinion. Israel is nuclear. IF the Arabs try to destroy Israel, they should take out Arab cities one by one starting with Tehran.

    I hope Donald Trump wins because he is a true friend of Israel; not the democrat party that the American JEWS keep voting for! Democrats hate Israel.