Saturday, August 6, 2016

Never Hillary...Period
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Hillary Clinton must NEVER become president. She lied to the Benghazi families, she lied about the emails, she lied about her support for Israel, she just lies, lies, and then lies some more about every and anything. But even before these lies...and so many others...Hillary did this... and this picture says more than any mere words can say. So please know the true character of the woman who will become America's next president unless we Republicans and Conservatives UNITE and UNITE now...and in this election cycle our consciences be damned.

This is a picture of the little 12-year old girl that Hillary called a liar and who she said wanted the 41-year old man to have sex with her...all while knowing he brutally attacked and raped her. That man served only two months in jail...and Hillary laughed about it when talking to a reporter. Thankfully, the law firm Hillary worked for at that time fired her for the unspeakable torment she put that little girl through while on the stand, and for her total unethical behavior regarding this case.

So if you want this vile, disgusting, evil, and oh so miserable excuse of a woman as your next president...then by all means go vote your conscience but may this picture (and the many pictures of those she helped murder in Benghazi...Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods) be ingrained in your conscience forever...a conscience that helped in America's demise.


  1. Hi Diane, I've been gone for a long, long time. I'm back.

    Do you and Craig still do the weekend thing?

    I read some of your past editorials and noted that you originally did not support Trump. Thank you for holding your nose and supporting him! I supported him all along. I have had to hold my nose many times and vote for people I did not like.

    I have to say that I do not like Paul Ryan. I don't know where you stand with him, but I hope he loses. I'm with Sarah Palin on this one! Could he kiss up to the democrats any more than he already has?

    Trump needs to focus COMPLETELY on Hillary. To hell with those RINOs who say they will vote for Hillary. He needs to focus now on the main objective! I heard what he said to Khan (and agreed with him 100 percent), but he needs to understand he already has my vote. He is going for the brain dead independent vote. You know...those people who think Hillary was a GREAT Secretary of State (People I call the uninformed dumbass masses!)

    If you guys are still doing the radio thing, I will try to catch one. Keep up the good work. I do not always agree with you on all points, but I respect your intellect.

    1. YES we do still do our show but we are on a few weeks hiatus as Craig is in the process of moving. As to Trump... when he got the nomination it came down to him or Hillary and at least Trump is NOT a socialist, islamic-condoning, murdering traitor, and with him we have a chance to survive as a republic...with Hillary our country as we know and love her will be lost forever. In the end it became an easy decision. #neverhillary

  2. The father of the radical muslim who shot all the gays in Orlando sat right behind Hillary Clinton last night. As I read the story, a gay man actually defended Hillary having the murderer's father sit directly behind her clapping his hands. Are gay people really that freakin' stupid? The muslims will throw them from buildings when Sharia Law takes gays want that?

    The morons were also clapping when Hillary said she was going to raise the taxes on the middle class. Does anyone other than me find that stupid? YES...that will REALLY help the economy!

    By the way, Trump's economic message was focused and on target. Trump is also a defender of veterans and our police; Hillary is NOT.