Tuesday, August 23, 2016

‘Refugees NOT welcome’ as 66% of Germans turn on Merkel over migrants

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

merkel refugeeShe should be removed from office. Now. She is destroying Germany and Europe. Anyone in Germany who wants Germany to survive as a free nation should be working to make sure she is removed from office by whatever means the German constitution allows.

“‘Refugees NOT welcome’ as 66% of Germans turn on Merkel over migrants”, by Paul Christian, UK Express, August 19, 2016:
In a nightmare scenario for German chancellor Angela Merkel, her oft-repeated phrase “we can do it”, in relation to absorbing hundreds of thousands of migrants, has been widely derided.
A YouGov tracker poll revealed how two out of three Germans don’t agree with the phrase, which now haunts Mrs Merkel, as the country creaks under the pressure of...


  1. Pamela Geller has more conjones than most able bodied men. Way to go Pamela for telling the truth that most Germans now realize that bringing in MILLIONS of muslims was not really a good idea!

    To anyone reading this in blog blog land, if Trump does not win we are done as a nation. The only thing left at that point is revolution. I wonder who Pamela Gellar stands with for president. She happens to be a very smart woman, I may be wrong, but I would bet she was ALWAYS for Trump. People for those other candidates are for leadership that has failed. We needed a new paradigm and we got one!

  2. Pamela was originally for Ted Cruz but now supports Trump as do I.

  3. I see your photo of little Marco... I wonder what he thinks about your supporting Trump?

    1. FYI...Marco is supporting Trump but if you weren't such an ass with the name calling you'd know that...'anonymous' coward that you are.

  4. Just out of curiosity, what did you think of Ted Cruz at the Republican Convention? Didn't he know that Hillary would use what he said against the party? I think by that point if one cannot put hard feelings away, he should not have spoken.