The shock poll media don't want you to see?

USC/L.A. Times shows Trump up in latest, but you've got to find results yourself

WND Exclusive

Donald Trump and Hillary ClintonWASHINGTON – Every day the USC/L.A. Times poll asks a portion of 3,000 U.S. citizens randomly recruited from across all households and demographic groups how they view the presidential race.

The polls began July 4 and will run through the election.

The pollsters must have got a shock this weekend.

Their results show Donald Trump in the lead.

So how did the news team report it?

It didn’t.

You have to look at the poll results for yourself to see the findings and understand them.

In news parlance, it’s called burying the lead – considered a cardinal sin in the business.

But it’s there as plain as day, in answer to the key question, “Who would you vote for?”

usc_lat_poll_1Despite the glee the media have reporting daily for the last few weeks that Hillary Clinton is winning by 8-10 points, this polls shows Trump edging Clinton 44.2 percent to 43.6 percent – a statistical tie within the margin of error. But is that not news?
Not to the L.A. Times and not to any other major media outlet apparently.

Doesn’t fit the narrative.

If it hadn’t been for the DrudgeReport spotting the shocker, it might have remained a deep, dark secret.

Instead of reporting that a man just bit a dog, the L.A. Times analysis story is headlined: “New poll analysis finds a wasted summer for Donald Trump and a boost for Hillary Clinton.”


The poll also shows Trump jump from 1 percent of the black vote to 13.6 percent, just after he began wooing black voters last weekend. Clinton dives to 80 percent from a high of 90.

Among Hispanics, Trump also gained ground, rising to 32 percent — more than received by either Mitt Romney or John McCain in their respective presidential bids.

Trump also has a higher lead among men than Clinton has with women.


Yet, apparently, persuaded by media reports, voters overwhelmingly think Clinton will win – 54.7 percent to 39.6.


Another new poll, this one by the Pew Research Center, shows Trump narrowing the gap with Clinton to 4 percent – with Clinton at 41 percent and Trump at 37 percent. The Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, and the Green party candidate, Jill Stein, each scored just over 4 percent each, the survey found.