Friday, August 19, 2016

Vets Group Urges Passage of Legislation that Offers VA Alternatives
America’s veterans are forced to drive hours to get to the nearest Veterans Affairs clinic, wait months for doctors’ appointments, and are routinely being subject to shameful service (unsanitary medical equipment, etc.). Few people have been fired as a result of the scandal and VA Secretary Robert McDonald has even minimized the situation by comparing it to the challenges of standing in line at Disney World.

In a new statement, Concerned Veterans of America's Vice President of Policy and Communications Dan Caldwell said the VA's treatment of our nation's finest is unacceptable and is urging the passage of an important piece of legislation authored by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).

“The VA’s failure to serve our veterans’ most basic health care needs is unacceptable, and reform is needed urgently," he said. "The Caring for our Heroes in the 21st Century Act would empower American heroes to control their own health care. Our veterans chose to fight for our freedoms. When they get home, they deserve to choose their own doctor.”

The Caring for our Heroes in the 21st Century Act is intended to take power away from bureaucratsand place health care back in the hands of veterans. It will, in part, allow veterans to see doctors closer to home and schedule appointments with more flexibility, the CVA explains.

For a detailed draft of the legislation, click here.

See video 'Give Veterans The Care They Earned' here:

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