Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kerry: Jihadis “define a great religion Islam in a way that doesn’t reflect that religion. They steal it, hijack it.”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Kerry: Jihadis “define a great religion Islam in a way that doesn’t reflect that religion. They steal it, hijack it.”
Kerry repeats this yet again without explaining it. In reality, the Islamic State’s beheadings (47:4), sex slavery (4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30), subjugation of Christians (9:29), global imperative (8:39) and more are all based upon the Qur’an. Indeed, everything the Islamic State does is scrupulously based on the Qur’an and Sunnah. But Kerry doesn’t feel […]

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  1. Kerry is telling a brazen Lie. Islamic Jihadist are doing exactly what Islam tells them to do. Mohammed, after he moved to Mecca began putting calls for Jihad and violence into the Quran, and he began raiding and killing non muslims and stealing their property. And he never stopped until, on his death bed, he called for all jews to be driven out of Arabia. He said that the only way a muslim could be sure of entering paradise was to be killed while waging jihad against non muslims.

    Mohammed personally led 27 war parties and ordered many more. He committed mass murder of some 700 or so men and adolescent boys of the Quraza tribe of Jews, after they had surrendered. He built a fire on one man's chest to torture him into revealing the location of a treasure. He ordered a number of assassinations. After he broke a treaty with Mecca, he attacked and conquered Mecca and when his victorious army entered the city, he sent out assassins to kill special people who he wanted dead.On his death bed he ordered that all Jews be driven out of Arabia.

    Mohammed said God hated jews and turned some of them into pigs and dogs. He put in what becamce the first chapter of the Quran, which muslims are obligated to pray 5 times every day, passages in which they pray to not be like those who have gone astray (the Christians) and not to be like those who God hates (the Jews).

    He taught that muslims have a duty to lie to non muslims to advance Islam. He taught that any muslim who leaves islam is to be killed. And that muslims are to never be true friends with non muslims, and can break agreements with non muslims to advance Islam.

    Mohammed's successors continued his warring plundering ways, attacking and conquering and plundering and exploiting Iraq, the middle east, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, Afghanistan, Persia, India, and parts of Eastern Europe. They were stopped in France by a battle won by Charles Martel, and were stopped in Eastern Europe by other christian warriors.

    It has been estimated that Islam killed 270 Million people in its 1400 years of war and enslavement of non muslims, and of these some 120 million were african blacks. Islam gets credit for running the black african slave trade for many centuries before and for at least a century after christian europeans and americans ended that slave trade.

    It is wrong and immoral to call an ideology such as Islam, based on the idea of a God who approves of war and murder against all of some other faith until the world has been forcibly conquered,a great religion. And in the 21st century such an ideology should not be considered to be a religion at all. It should be regarded and legally declared to be the terrible subversive political ideology of Islamic Totalitarianism that it is. Kerry may wish Islam was a peaceful religion, but nothing could be further from the truth. As of today Islamic Terrorists, doing what Mohammed did and taught, have committed more than 29,141 deadly Islamic Terrorist attacks in the few years since Sep 11,01. Islam's sharia is opposed to all our basic constitutional freedoms. Liars like Kerry, Obama, and Hillary, are through their lies, helping Islam to commit more terror and to kill more people. whether these liars realize that or not.

  2. Robert Spencer talks with Paul Kersey about Trump's Mexican speech.

    Maybe you could book Paul Kersey or Jared Taylor to your radio program so your people can hear some truth about what is happening in our cities.

  3. Correction...that was Richard Spencer and not Robert! Wrong Spencer!

    Disregard...never mind!

  4. What do you think of this anonymous at 9AM?

    A seventeen year old black yoot slapped a child for no reason other than she was white. Nobody cares for her on the democrat side because she is the wrong color. The media would not even mention the yoot was a black yoot.

    1. Of course Kerry is lying...he knows the truth about the jihadis and islam but as he is a condoner he does NOT care.

  5. Diane supports her white supremacist followers with her silence...