Tuesday, February 28, 2017

McMaster and Gorka: Understanding or Misunderstanding Islam?

By Brian Thomas / Jihad Watch


There are two fundamental ways to view Islam in the West, and it is now clear those who hold to the “Islam is a religion of peace” view, which has held sway over the affairs of the West for so long, are fighting a desperate rear-guard action to remain in charge following Trump’s rise to power. […]

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  1. The Quran, after the first chapter which has muslims praying 5 times a day to not be like those who have gone astray ( the christians ) or like those who Allah hates ( the Jews ) is arranged in order of descending length of chapter, from longest to shortest. So it is impossible to make any sense of it just by reading it, since it is neither in chronological order , nor is it organized by subject matter, or in any other way save length of chapter.

    But it is generally agreed that the violent verses come from the Medina period and perhaps the most violent of all, the infamous verse of the sword 9:5 and the rest of chapter 9 were among the very last.So the peaceful verses have been abrogated, but they are very useful to muslim leaders for purposes of deception. Mohammed used Allah as his Pocket God. Whenever he met a problem in getting something he wanted, he,figuratively speaking, pulled his Pocket God out of his pocket by going into a fit, and the Pocket God gave a pronouncement that enabled him to get what he wanted.

    Bill Warner has done a good job of putting together a Quran in chronological order by constructing it along historical lines as Mohammed met and used his Pocket god's pronouncements to deal with the problems that he encountered. It is called A Simplified Koran.

    We can only hope that Mc Master knows the truth about how wrong Islam's basic teachings are. Islam is a combinatiion ideology consisting of a blend of political totalitarianism with religious dogma calling for world conquest. It is no more a religiom than drinking water mixed with cyanide is drinking water. The U S should declared by Constitutional Amendment that Islam is Not a religion within the meaning of the constitution and laws of the U S. That will make it much easier to do the other things that need to be done, like outlawing shariah courts, legally declaring shariah law unenforceable, and severly limiting or ending islamic immigration.