Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How the Democrats became the anti-Israel party
All of the evil that befell this country can be traced back to the emergence of the New Left in the mid-‘1960s.

the New Left. The left, and most especially the Jewish left, are the Democrats on the vanguard of the new antisemitism.  And Jewish leftwing groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace and J Street are the most vicious and repulsive Jew-haters, whose mission is to destroy the state of Israel. Newspapers such as the Jewish Forward have taken a page from the judenrat of Germany, but these vicious traitors don’t even have a gun pointed at their heads. Jewish lay leadership in the USA has been weak and impotent in the face of the left’s growing antisemitism.

What GR reader Mark Z says is spot on: “What the article says that is very true, is that no matter how much the Democrats betray Israel, the U.S Jewish community continues to support the party en mass. They also continue to invite Democrats to their events.

AIPAC, for example, publicly spoke out against the Iran deal, and Obama’s last minute betrayal of Israel at the UN. Nancy Pelosi supported both these acts of betrayal, and yet AIPAC invited Pelosi to speak at their policy conference, as someone who “supports” Israel. The reality is that Pelosi (and others like her) just want Jewish money. NO ONE who loves Israel (like you and I) should support that party. NO ONE!”

Read entire article here:  http://pamelageller.com/2017/03/democrats-became-anti-israel-party.html/

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