Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just a Thought...
We're Being Played
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

I believe President Trump...whom I being 'played' by a traitor in the administration whose true loyalties lie elsewhere, by some very cleverly calculating Democrats, and by a few Republicans who are beyond vile...all working in tandem to force us into the Syrian conflict...the Syrian Civil War...something 'We the People' do NOT want. And their end start a war with Russia so that not only will the islamists move into and take over Syria while we are kept busy fighting Russia, but so that the Trump presidency will fail as will our country. And remember...military might alone does NOT always win wars.

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  1. I have not given up on Trump like so many conservatives out there. I believe that the actions in Syria and Afghanistan were done to intimidate Kim Jong Un.

    The action in Syria demonstrated that Trump will use Tomahawk Missiles to take out selected targets which could be limited to one man (Kim Jong Un).

    The MOAB in Afghanistan proved it could do significant damage to structures underground like tunnels.

    We all know that our government is sacrificing all its time and effort and focusing its satellites on North Korea today.

    It decision time for Kim Jong Un. His decision could well say whether he lives another day, or is taken out.

    If Trump wanted just infuriate Un, he could use a Tomahawk Missile on the two statues of Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il on the anniversary of Sung's Birthday. I would also take out the Tower of Juche Idea, and the palace where Kim Il Sung is laid in state and viewed like Lennon was years ago.

    That would be tantamount to starting WWIII.

    I've seen numerous YouTube videos of people traveling with hidden cameras inside North Korea. Outside of Pyongyang, the country is like any other 3rd world country. The city of Pyongyang is actually kept nice and clean and is attractive.

    The Kim's are like children in their thinking. I'm sure Trump understands he is dealing with a spoiled, fat child. Look...whether we are talking about Syria or North Korea or any other place, we have to set ground rules. Trump is setting the ground rules.