Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just a Thought...
A Papal Disgrace
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

So it seems this Pope has put his foot in his mouth again, and while I usually would never speak out against the Holy Father this time I must for this Pope has totally lost his mind as he is equating the plight of the muslims with that of the slaughter, the butchery, the ovens, the extermination of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. In fact, they, the muslims, are today's Nazis and their victims...their targets...are not only the world's remaining Jews but the total of the world's Christians as well. Shame on this Pope for his concern for the perpetrators over the victims...shame, shame, shame on him. I wonder if a Pope can be removed from his position...I wonder because he is doing the Holy Roman Catholic church great harm with his islamic sympathizing.


  1. You are right on target concerning this Pope. It appears he is just another Lying Liberal Leftie who thinks that Socialists/Communists can use Islam to help them destroy capitalism and establish a command control world government. These Leftists do not know, or do not care, that the destruction of capitalism is also the destruction of freedom, and over time, of prosperity. And they also fail to realize that in cuddling up to islam they are befriending an ideology that will, if it can, destroy them.

    The beginning of the solution the problem of Islam, is for each country to legally declare that Islam, being part totalitarian political ideology, is not a religion within the meaning of each country's constitution and laws. Then the other things that are necessary, such as outlawing sharia courts, and declaring sharia law unenforceable, and preventing infiltration of institutions and military by would be traitors become much easier to do.

  2. I agree with all you said. In fact, I have called for islam to be declared a political ideology and NOT a religion for years. If you click on the header to 'Islam is NOT a Religion' it will take you directly to what I wrote on that back in 2012 and I have NOT backed down from one single word.

    1. I know you have been steadfastly against Islam being treated as a religion, and applaud you for it. We give to religion protections that should never be given to something that is in part Totalitarian Political Ideology. And the fact that Islam's political totalitarianism calls on its mistaken idea of God (which is that God is a Slave Master) to support it just makes Islam even worse than political totalitarianism in general. We do not see Communism or National Socialism calling for female genital mutilation or making second class citizens of women, or supporting child molestation. We can only hope that, before much more blood is shed by the Killers for Islam, our politicians wake up and take the appropriate steps to deny Islam status or protection as a religion. What they should be protecting is those muslims who leave Islam because they realize how abominable many of its doctrines are, and what they need to protect them against is sharia law and sharia courts.

    2. Do NOT trust muslims who 'leave' islam as it could be taqiyya in actions. I trust but one or two and that's it.