Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Italy First EU Country to Publicly Reject UNESCO’s Anti-Israel Resolution

Italy has become the first country in the European Union to publicly renounce and announce intent to reject a resolution that disavows Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem.

The resolution has been backed by Palestinians.

The resolution was set for UNESCO vote on the same day Israelis were celebrating their Independence Day.

Italy had abstained from last year’s anti-Israel vote at UNESCO, while vowing that in the future, it would take a more proactive approach to defending the Jewish state.

And on Tuesday, Italy realized that vow.
UNESCO passed the resolution, regardless. But not by a major margin — and on that count, it’s being billed as a win for Israel — at least by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

From the Jerusalem Post:
“The low numbers in a UNESCO 22-10 vote disavowing Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem on the country’s birthday represent a diplomatic victory for Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.
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