Friday, November 27, 2020

Here's the Part of Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit That Could Impact the Outcome of the Election

Look, it hasn’t been a pleasant experience watching the Trump legal team and its allies lead the offensive regarding the avalanche of allegations concerning voter irregularities and fraud. You’re never going to convince me Joe Biden won fair and square, but the effort to prove voter fraud has been a mess. It’s a high bar to convince a judge that ballots should be tossed. It should be—and for the most part, the Trump team has not been successful…until now. This week, the Trump campaign scored a huge win in Nevada where they will be allowed to present evidence of fraud and make their case conceding shoddy ballots. Will it be enough? Will it meet the threshold? We shall see. 

Cortney wrote about Sidney Powell’s solo legal effort. She’s been pretty much cast out of the Trump orbit after making some pretty serious allegations, but then not really backing it up with solid evidence. Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh have called her out on it, noting that you cannot hold a press conference, say you have bombshell evidence, and then never present it. It looks bad. Read entire article and see tweets here:

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