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Appeasement, Fear, and A Truth Not Told 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

It wasn't a was a vendetta delivered to appease the always angry mobs of miscreants and thugs...a verdict rendered way too fast to have been carefully and with due diligence reached. Guilty on all three charges...second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter.

And so it's now one week since former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has been tried and convicted both legally and in the “court of public opinion”...convicted based not upon true medical evidence per se, but based upon a video played for the jury over and over again. We all know well the video in question...the video showing Officer Chauvin's knee on media anointed saint George Floyd's neck...a video that those on the jury surely viewed many times during the past year as did we all...jury persons who had already found Chauvin guilty in their own minds even before being appointed to sit on said jury.

And don't think for a minute that anyone on that jury hadn't seen the video beforehand as it was and still is being posted all over the internet...posted so many times that this one video has become so ingrained in our subconscious that common sense coupled with must needed impartiality of the legal kind be damned. And why common sense specifically...because to most law abiding folks it seems pretty obvious that those on the jury were picked because they appeared to be easily swayed individuals who could be manipulated if need be... manipulated to fear the very real possibility of their being both the cause and the scapegoat for any riots that followed if the verdict rendered exonerated Chauvin in any way.

But why do I say this...because one key critical piece of evidence seems to have been completely and possibly deliberately ignored during the in the very fact that the Official Minneapolis Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report showed absolutely no...I repeat no... forensic evidence that George Floyd was asphyxiated by the placing of Derek Chauvin's knee upon his neck. Also included in the M.E. report was the lack thereof of petechine (pinpoint-sized red dots caused by broken blood vessels common with asphyxiation) and that there were no internal neck injuries of the "crushing" kind found, as in "life-threatening" injuries to Floyd's neck, head, spine, chest, brain, skull or injuries even remotely related to his larynx.

Simply, without said injuries present, common sense should once again dictate that while Officer Chauvin's knee was indeed on George Floyd's neck as shown in the video, it appeared not to be "crushing" or compressing into his neck but simply, for lack of a better word, "resting" there. And while that action itself can be considered a questionable action regarding the legalities of police procedures used, it in no way, in my humble opinion, even remotely relates to murder especially when the one being subdued was a career criminal, a convicted felon, a man caught in the act of committing yet another crime, a man so hopped up on drugs that it took numerous officers to subdue him. The actions of Officer Derek Chauvin regarding the knee was, if anything, a bad judgment call on his part, but not one that should equate to murder...manslaughter perhaps but not murder...for he in no way ever intended to kill George Floyd.

And what so many forget is that police officers take an oath to “serve and protect,” and that they put their own lives on the line everyday to do so. They surely never know when a routine traffic stop might lead to their own death or when a drugged out thug might turn on them next. And while too many say there's always some bad apples in the police bunch, I say those few bad apples are way outnumbered by those simply doing the very job they swore an oath to do. Think of it this we white folks condemn all black folks for the actions of BLM miscreants and thugs or for the likes of disgraceful and cowardly sorts like LeBron James who last week tweeted and then took down that “YOU'RE NEXT” in reference to the white police officer who saved the life of a young black girl ready to be murdered by another young black girl, as in 16-year old knife-wielding Ma'Khia Bryant? No we do not, and the Columbus, Ohio police officer who saved the young girl's life should be hailed as a hero, and LeBron James should not only be ashamed of himself and publicly apologize to the officer, but should be arrested for deliberate incitement of violence as well.

Arrested for incitement as should 16-term California Rep. Maxine Waters, a woman solely driven and defined by the color of her skin. A thug in her own right who not too long ago claimed that “rioting is the voice of the unheard” when rioting is actually the voice of those who think they are owed everything simply because they are black, Maxine Waters embodies everything the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought hard against for the “content of her character” is as ugly as the sick sneer she always has on her face. A no longer closeted racist, Maxine Waters outward hatred of white people is on full display every time she opens her mouth to speak, for her ill-mannered vulgarities and hate filled vocal intonations against not just white folks but the police as well speak volumes while her black skin color now places her safely in the "dare we not condemn her" zone.

And what exactly is this zone we, as white folks, dare not enter but a politically manufactured sector of sorts where no white person is allowed to speak nor even think ill of any persons of color. And if we do we are not only deemed to be racists, but it gives misplaced credence and opportunity to both Democrat politicians and their media cohorts to continue perpetrating the lie that our beloved America is a systemically racist nation especially against those whose skin color is black, or as Joe Biden, the man who once said he did not want his own children to grow up in a "racial jungle" now says, is but a “stain on our nation’s soul.”

But I believe what is the true “stain on our nation's soul” is actually the not uniting together of both good black and white folks in a show of strength against these evil and vile sorts no matter the color of their skin.

And herein lies a good part of the problem, a problem that in reality only black folks themselves can solve, for the fact is that while the majority of black folks are truly decent, hard working, family oriented folks...just like the vast majority of we white folks are...and they are folks we are happy to call “friend”...they continue to allow the voices and rhetoric of the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters, LeBron James, BLM's hierarchy, the Nation of Islam's Louie Farakham, and other assorted militant black groups and in black leftist politicians including, sadly, a former not only speak dangerous words of incitement but to take action into their own hands all in the name of the whole.

Remember, if one does not condemn one condones...if black folks themselves do not tell the black miscreants and thugs to stop speaking and acting up on behalf of said whole, then in their silence they are indeed condoning not only overtly racist words of hate, but overtly racist and ever so dangerous actions now coupled with vehemently anti-police rhetoric as well. And their cry of holding police officers accountable for acts of brutality are truly getting tiring indeed for more white officers are killed by black thugs than black thugs are killed by white officers. But these deaths we never hear of for the media themselves acquiesces both out of fear and unfortunately the ratings...a true monetary gain which black thug deaths garners for them as well.

Simply put, the miscreants and thugs are carrying out actions ordered and heralded by what are militant black separatists groups...groups who in no way strive for or even want equality between the two races...groups whose true want is total black domination over white folks...domination delegated and willingly accepted, it seems, courtesy of the always present fear that these same black groups will surely act up again if we dare not appease them. And know that these black militant minority groups actually now do control the entirety of what amounts to the politically designed and motivated race-bating discourse, and they do so by their always hanging the threat of said violence, rioting, looting, arson, and mayhem over our heads if they dare not get their way.

And not only do these vile militant black folks have the vast majority of America's black population silently complying out of fear...remember black on black crime is the curse good black folks face on a daily basis...but sadly that same fear now seems to have engulfed a good many white folks too. And this can easily be seen in the ever growing multitude of spineless Republican politicians so afraid of being labeled a “racist” that they willingly cater and bend to the will of those who have no problem sacrificing, if you will, Police Officer Derek Chauvin to the angry miscreant mob calling for his blood. And they're doing so all in the name of the afore mentioned career criminal, convicted felon, and hard core drug addict who had enough illegal substances in him on the day of his death to open up his own drug store, a man who will now and forever be known as media canonized Saint George Floyd...a martyr to all who claim they "can't breathe."

And all I can say is may heaven and an overturned verdict on appeal help save us all.

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