Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tucker Carlson: New mask guidelines are about politics and control
No one is fighting for the rights of those who don't want the vaccine

Strong regimes are a lot like strong people. They’re self-confident. Because they are, they’re rational and moderate. They can afford to be those things. They have unquestioned legitimacy. Admitting honest mistakes doesn’t threaten them. Why would it? They can tell the truth without fear. Strong regimes are marked by cheerfulness and an open-minded spirit. You know them when you see them.  They’re easy to recognize. 

Weakness has the opposite effect. Weak leaders live in terror. They lie constantly. They admit nothing. They rule by force because they have no choice. They have lost their legitimacy. When they begin to lose control, as they inevitably do, they panic. Unable to acknowledge the magnitude of their failure, they retreat into delusion. Their behavior becomes irrational. They start to issue bizarre commands.  

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