Friday, April 27, 2012

Breibart's Video on Obama's College Tape Hidden by Harvard Professor Ogletree- -- Revealed on Hannity Show tonight This is only ONE of the Breitbart videos: Pollak and editor at large Ben Shapiro called in to Hannity’s radio program Wednesday afternoon to discuss the footage and to preview what the full video will show Wednesday night. “It’s not just going to be about Barack Obama and his views, although that’s a big part of it,” Pollak said. “You are going to see information tonight on Hannity that proves the cover-up between the mainstream media, between academia and between Obama’s supporters everywhere to make sure that this information never made it to the public, never made it into the campaign, never made it to the American consciousness.” Bell, Pollak said, “was the Jeremiah Wright of academia and would have been proud to say he was the Jeremiah Wright of academia, because the ties between Jeremiah Wright and Derrick Bell are very, very close indeed.” “Derrick Bell was the originator of a school of thought called critical race theory, and he said that the civil rights laws were bad for black people because it encouraged black people to believe that there could be racial equality. In his view, the entire system, the entire United States of America was white supremacist to its core and therefore you have to bring the entire system down. This is what he taught, this is what he wrote, and these are the ideas that Obama says on tape are inspiring him and causing everyone to open their eyes,” Pollak said.

See the video here:

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