Monday, April 30, 2012

LTC Allen West...a man Obama truly fears
By: Diane Sori
There's a new site on Facebook called, 'Take Down Allen West.' Thought you all might like to see what I just posted on it.
My, my...lookie what I found here in liberal land, otherwise know as entire site dedicated to trying to destroy the only man in Congress that Obama knows he can't pull his race card crap on!

We all know that Congressman Allen West is probably the ONLY man in a position of authority that Obama and his cronies truly fear. And why is that...because Congressman West speaks the truth about the damage muzzie loving Obama has done to our beloved America!  Congressman West holds NO punches in calling the usurper out on his socialist agenda and traitorous actions. Congressman West is the ONLY one brave enough to bring to the forefront the subversive actions of 64 members of our United States Congress and to call them to task for it. Congressman West is the ONLY one to publicly stand against the Obama sanctioned islamization of America. Congressman West is the ONLY one publicly taking a a stand against Obama and the DC big-spenders who plan a massive and crippling tax increase at the beginning of next year if Obama is re-elected.

In other words, Congressman Allen West stands with America, with our Constitution, and with 'We the People.' Congressman Allen West will NEVER betray the trust 'We the People' placed in him, unlike those in Washington who operate on the same 'me, me, it's all about me' mentality that Obama and his cronies do.

Congressman West is a man of principal, a man who honors family, a man who loves and respects our Constitution, a man who will NEVER apologize for her actions nor bow down to her enemies, a man who believes in American exceptionalism, and above all else, a man who believes in God and country and would lay down his life in defense of her.

Obama is a man who is none of those things nor are any of you who would create such a vile hateful site whose sole purpose is to defame and destroy this American patriots name. To say shame on you is putting it say you will NOT succeed is something I can guarantee!

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