Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Serious developments out of Israel...but where is the media?
By: Diane Sori

Major news coming out of Israel today is the call-up of 6 battalions to be stationed along the borders with Syria and Egypt.  The leading candidate for the presidency of Egypt says the Egyptian/Israeli Peace Treaty needs to be shelved!  Tensions are running high as hard core islamists are taking over the Egyptian government and threatening the destruction of Israel.

Let’s cut to the chase here...islam will NEVER be at peace with anyone as their one and only goal is to Implement a world-wide caliphate and nothing less.  Islam takes NO’s convert, subjugate and obey, obey, obey...or die.  It’s that simple and the sooner some here in this country realize it and realize where our president’s true loyalties lie, the better off we’ll all be.

We all know Barack Hussein Obama’s sides with his muslim brethren, with our enemies, and always against Israel.  With Obama personally snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu twice by hosting NO state dinner in his honor (as he has done for Arab heads of state), having Netanyahu leave the White House through the back door, and giving millions of our taxpayer dollars to islamic terrorist groups (like The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas) that call for Israel's destruction, his hatred of Israel and the Jewish people could NOT be more obvious.  

Obama, to date, has not even bothered to visit Israel as other presidents have done.

Obama passed on an opportunity to visit Israel when the Israelis asked him to come right after his June 2009 trip to Egypt, where he gave his ‘famous’ or should I say ‘infamous’ Cairo University speech to the muslim world, called ‘A New Beginning.’ Obama also held talks with then President Hosni Mubarak on regional issues, which Mubarak described as ‘candid and frank.’  Candid and frank my eye...if Obama could have crawled up the Egyptian’s butts any further he would have. 

Since that snub, the issue of why Obama hasn’t yet visited Israel has been raised many times by Israelis, Jewish activists, and critics of his administration.  The latest time was in May 2011, right before his speech at AIPAC.  The Israeli press even reported that Obama was going to announce an upcoming visit to Israel during that speech.  As an incentive to come, an invitation had even been extended for Obama to attend President Shimon Peres’s conference the following month.  But again Obama threw them for a loop and declined.  When asked why, his advisers regurgitated the same old tired line, ‘The President wants to visit Israel... it’s just a matter of scheduling.’

Yeah right...the only time Obama wants to visit Israel is when Israel is no more.

However, Obama has met and bowed down to his muslim brethren on numerous occasions.  One was when Obama met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to discuss the Arab/Israeli conflict and Iran's nuclear program along with Israel’s reaction to it.  

Hey, Obama, why didn't you go and discuss those things directly with the Israeli leaders and the Israeli people instead, after all, it’s their country and their lives that hang in the balance NOT the lives of the Saudis.

But meeting with and butt kissing Arab leaders is just small potatoes to the mother of all insults and snubs to Israel...and that is calling for Israel to return to its pre-’67 war borders!  Obama has demanded that a nation who won land in war return said land for no other reason than to make his muslim brethren happy!  This man has stabbed our closest ally and friend in the back and dug the knife in deep for only Israel is asked to return land rightfully won in war; only Israel is told to return to indefensible borders; only Israel is to return land in order to assure peace...only Israel...only Israel...the list goes on and on.

And now with Israeli troops on high alert for problems along its borders and with the threat of a nuclear armed Iran slowly becoming a reality, the media today is flooding the airways with this as its main story...the suicide of a football player!  While I truly feel sorry for the man’s family, let’s get real here.  This man chose to take his own life, of his own free will, and the media should leave the family alone in their grief and concentrate on what could be a harbinger of World War III!

But wait, they can’t, because our president, who could care less if Israel is reduced to rubble, needs all media attention focused on him at all times or at least diverted away from any story that could take the spotlight off him.  After all, Israel is just an obstacle in his re-election bid and an enemy to those where his loyalties truly lie...with his muslim brethren.


  1. The mainstream media is biased against Israel and they are compassionate towards the barbarians who are squatting in palestine.... They actually believe dinkle barry's lies, or choose to cover for him regardless.... All we can do is to pray for the peace of Israel and pray that we get that man out of office in 2012.....

  2. The media is absolutely against Israel as Obama and Soros pull their strings. And yes, we must pray for the peace of Israel but we must fight hard and work hard to get Obama out of office in November because prayers alone just 'aint going to get him out!

  3. Israel must survive. I am voting Romney. Jerusalem is the rightful capital. Lord please give us protection from all evil. Amen.

  4. So glad to hear that. Israel nor America can survive another four years of the muzzie usurping traitor!