Sunday, May 13, 2012

Budget there a way out? 
By: Diane Sori

In case some don’t know, it’s been more than three years since the Senate passed a budget (let alone a balanced one).  However this past March the House did pass what they called a ‘blueprint budget’ that would reconstruct Medicare, cut domestic spending back to levels unseen since World War II, and order an overhaul of the tax code.  But something we all must be aware of is that nowhere in the Constitution is it required that the president or Congress present or pass an annual budget. 

But first a brief history lesson: the budgeting process we’re familiar with today began in 1921 with the passing of the Budget and Accounting Act, which includes the president's budget.  Then in 1974 the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act set a timetable for the annual budget process, beginning each year with the president’s budget submission which ‘should be presented to Congress’ on or before the first Monday in February.  This would usually coincide with the Presidential State of the Union address.

And herein lies the problem.

Because the Constitution does NOT demand a budget be put in place every year, and because The Budget Act says ‘should be presented to Congress’ instead of ‘MUST be presented to Congress’, the House and Senate can drag their feet on adopting a budget and legally get away with it.

But even if the process was followed as laid out, Barack Hussein Obama and most members of Congress simply still do NOT get the basic economic principal of ‘you cannot spend more than you take in’.   For every dollar the government spends beyond what it brings in, the debt incurred passes down to our children and grandchildren. 

And while Obama encourages the debt ceiling be raised to levels unseen in our nation’s history so he can give out his freebies and handouts to assure himself votes, we have some in Congress who wisely want to see a Balanced Budget Amendment be added to our Constitution.  However, while this is a noble goal, amending the Constitution is not easy.  The current Republican held House may pass this much wanted amendment, but the passage of such an amendment in the current Democratic controlled Senate is NOT likely to happen, and even if by some miracle the Senate passed it, it would still need to be ratified by three-fourths of the states, which again is highly unlikely. 

Also, what those pushing for a Balanced Budget Amendment still need to remember is that even if such an amendment did pass, balancing the budget would still have to be done each year by legislation.  That would require Congress to work together on many pieces of legislation (appropriation bills, tax legislation, supplemental appropriations for example), and being that they can’t work together now as it is, what makes anyone think they would successfully work together even if such an amendment was put in place.  

The bottom line in all this is that ‘We the People’ need to clean house, so to speak, and NOT just vote out this joke of a president but we must also vote out every Congressperson and Senator who is holding up the passage of not just any budget, but a sensible workable budget that would start the ball rolling to correct some of Barack Hussein Obama’s failed economic policies.  If we don’t force the reigning in of Obama’s out of control spending now, our country will face a fiscal crisis never seen before and probably will never see again, because we might never recover from this man and his Congressional crony’s deliberate ineptitude and economic sabotage.


  1. America isn't heading toward a crises, it is headed toward us like a locomotive coming down the tracks and we are like deer in the headlights - not all of us; just the Democrats and all those with their hands out that think wealth is something you take from someone else and give to them. America's deep seated problem, more than spending and debt, is that the Democrat Party has become a Socialist Organization hand-in-hand with what is left of the dilapidated Unions. If they can't have their way, they will take the country over the edge of a massive debt so big there is no way for the Republic to survive. Maybe that is their plan?

  2. I believe that is their plan and it's up to us to stop it by voting all these bastards out this November!

  3. I very much appreciate the history lesson you included here, Diane! It helps put things in perspective! I'm afraid that the current budget situation is just one more issue - albeit a big one - that the powers-that-be are counting on to keep us from focusing on the real problem...

  4. Thankfully we patriots will NOT let Obama and his minions distract us from the real issues.