Monday, May 14, 2012

Focus people...focus 
By: Diane Sori

As of today we have less than six months until the most important election of our lifetime...maybe even our nation’s lifetime.  Our beloved America, the ‘land of the free and home of the brave,’ is under attack both from ‘the enemy within’ (Barack Hussein Obama) and ‘the enemy without’ (islam).  We Americans have a major decision to make to insure our country’s we acquiesce to fear and surrender to another four years of Obama and try to deal with the consequences, or do we have the courage to stand strong and united as one in order to send this man and his minions packing...I, for one, sure hope it’s the later.

As such, many tactics are being used by the Obama campaign to try and take our focus off the important issues of the day, primary of course being the economy and jobs but also off Obama’s trampling on and total disrespect for our Constitution; off out of control government spending; off the deficit; off our unsecured borders; off a fabricated war on women; and off the fact that this president is in collusion with governments of socialist and communist countries.
These are but a few of the many important issues we need to focus on yet Obama and crew have been successful in refocusing our attention on deliberately created, cleverly crafted, tabloid-style, nonsense stories.  Stories about a mother breastfeeding her four year old son who obviously wants her 15 minutes of fame; stories about Obama being the first gay president; stories about useless celebrities fawning over ‘the anointed one;’ stories about non-existent re-education centers for ‘We the People;’ stories about Martial Law being implemented to stop the elections; stories about Mormons being the spawn of the devil, etc., etc., get my drift...all fabricated, all lies, all tabloid sensationalism, and all successfully fallen into by many on our side.

Instead of wasting time discussing these ridiculous stories and others in that genre, we need to focus our attention on ways to make sure the truth about Obama and his failed policies gets out.  We need to be discussing ways to create jobs to put Americans back to work; ways to secure our borders; ways to cut all the freebies and handouts going to people who don’t belong here in the first know the newly created politically incorrect word of the month ‘ILLEGALS’; ways to cut our deficit and reign in out of control government spending without touching our all-important defense budget; ways to stop the implementation of sharia law into our judicial system (which BTW is happening daily); ways to stop Iran from becoming nuclear armed; ways to stand united with our allies, especially Israel; and most importantly ways to get the vote out to make sure our country returns to the law of the Constitution by voting Barack Hussein Obama out of office this November.

So please people, refocus your attention on what’s important and do NOT let Obama, his minions, and his all-controlled media divert you away from the real issues.  Remember, YouTube videos can be made by anyone to sound important and factual but see that NO credible sources or names are ever given; see that newly created supposedly conservative news sites also NEVER give credible sources or names; see that urban legends abound and while they might sound like truth they are anything but; and please remember that these are nothing but scare tactics to make us become too afraid to get out and vote.

We all know a second Obama term means the end of America as we know and love her; we all know the freedoms we take for granted would become a thing of the past; and we all know the next six months will be a battle for our country’s survival like one never seen before so focusing becomes primary. 

Please don’t let Barack Hussein Obama or his minions divert us from focusing on our goal of removing him from office and returning our country to ‘one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.’


  1. I don't want Obama for another four years, but the crummy republican we had forced upon us by the RNC is Obama light, and not very much to cheer about in my book. This is yet another election of voting for same old tired anti-constitutional, big spending, open borders, corporate run puppet. It is disgusting.

  2. I totally and completely disagree! Mitt Romney is NOT nor has he ever been Obama-lite. Have you bothered to read his Jobs Plan in its entirety...I have and it WILL create jobs and put Americans back to work thus invigorating our flailing economy. Mitt Romney is NOT an anti-constitutionalist, in fact he is quite the opposite. He is a patriot who love this country, is proud of this country, and will always honor and protect her unlike the muzzie usurping traitor we have in office right now. Mitt Romney will NEVER bow down to our enemies nor will he ever defame and dishonor our military. He has promised to work towards sealing our borders, has pledged to repeal ObamaCare, and will help restore America's exceptionalism to her. Is he corporate...yes he is and I for one am glad he is as it's time we were run like a successful business and NOT like a overspending, the sky's the limit entity like we are being run as under Obama. Mitt Romney as our candidate is far from disgusting and I am honored to be a volunteer on his campaign.

  3. Fact is the President of the United States is, first and foremost, a servant of the people for the people...Right now this country is facing the worst disaster it has ever faced...Economic collapse..Complete collapse..not a recession...but full scale melt-down...We need a president who can turn this around, who knows how economics work (not how you wish it to work..socialist style)and that is Mitt Romney...When he took over as governor of Massachusetts their state had a 3 billion dollar a year deficit and climbing...In 3 years he not only turned that around but Mass. had a 770 million dollar surplus annually...Now that is CHANGE...He took over a failing Olympics committee when they were on the verge of bankrupting American funds for hosting the Olympics in the USA..Not only did he turn that around but made an additional 250 million dollars for the committee to add to their future projects...Now that is CHANGE...After graduating college Romney made 220 million dollars in the US stock market by his mid-twenties..The man is an economic genius, and right now..That is what we need.

  4. Amen James... Support the Incumbent.

  5. James, ignore Anonymous as he hides behind anominity and thus has NO credibility. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said! ROMNEY ALL THE WAY!!!

  6. I agree with your call for change, Diane. All the items you mentioned are crucial As you know, it's my conviction that the most effective way to attack the situation and reduce or eliminate many of these problems in one fell swoop is to get back to basics - remember the Constitution, and require those we elect to abide by it. Barack Hussein Obama is exactly the type of man the Constitution was written to protect us from. It's unfortunate that we elected him in the first place; if he's re-elected, it's criminal, and the American people are the guilty party.

  7. To Anonymous - you'll be happy to know we're fighting for your right of free speech too. It's unfortunate that you choose to use it to demonstrate your stupidity, but hey, different strokes for different folks!

  8. I so agree with what you said! The Constitution was indeed written to protect us from men like Obama. Any one who votes for him knowing full well what he has done to this country is a traitor just like he is and NO one can feign ignorance this time around.