Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey libs...gun control is NOT about guns but is about control even of you
By: Diane Sori

The gun control liberals are still blaming the 'bad guns' for all our country's woes, as they plot and plan to take away our right to bear arms.  Bolstered in their quest by President Obama, Mr. 'I send my girls to an armed guarded school but you can't,' who's calling for a reinstatement of the Assault Rifle Ban that lapsed in 2004, these folks believe an assault rifle is an automatic rifle.

So libs, it's time for firearms basics 101...

We all know that you guys, especially you sheeple, lack even basic knowledge and understanding about the very nature of firearms, and that's something the msm counts on to push the Obama gun control agenda forward.  The msm and Obama will NEVER tell you the true firearm I will.

First, you need to understand that the term 'automatic' refers to the type of action when a rifle discharges. Full automatic is a rapid discharge of rounds as long as the trigger is depressed...semi-automatic is where one round is discharged with each trigger pull.  Full automatics, aka machine guns, have been banned for civilian use since the 1930's.  Semi-automatics are a common action for most firearms in existence today from hunting shotguns to so-called assault rifles, and there is absolutely zero difference in performance between an 'evil looking' assault rifle and a traditional hunting rifle other than the way it looks...cartridges and performance are exactly the same.

Second, there are only six types of actions that exist....full automatic, semi-automatic, bolt action, pump action, lever action, and single shot.  With the bolt, pump, and single actions a new round must be physically chambered after each round.  A single shot requires an extra step of opening the chamber and physically removing the spent round and depositing a new one.  As for handguns, aka pistols, there are semi-automatic, single action, and double action.   A semi-automatic handgun performs much in the same way as a semi-automatic pull, one round with a new round being chambered as the spent round is discharged.  Single action is a revolver which is typically six rounds in a cylinder, and the hammer must be pulled back after each shot.  A double action is also a revolver where the hammer is synced with the pull of the trigger and that's it.  The only other type in existence is a muzzle loader and we do not want to go back in time to that antiquated period in firearm history.

But the $64 thousand question on most of you liberals minds is what exactly is an assault rifle.  Simply and directly the term 'assault rifle' is a name that the media concocted, with the ONLY difference between a so-called 'assault rifle' and a traditional looking hunting rifle of the same caliber is the way it looks...the stock, the grip, the's one and the same just in a different wrapper.

Now that you libs hopefully have firearms basic 101 under your belt, I hope you can understand the critical words, 'guns don't kill people, people kill people.' Guns are an inanimate object that need a person to pull their trigger to kill or maim someone...they don't do it all by themselves. 

Even you liberals can understand that if you just put your glass full of kool-ade down.

So what happens next if you succeed in getting guns we ban automobiles.  Maybe under Obama's warped logic we should since over 30,000 fatal accidents happened in the US in 2010 (the last year for which statistics have been released), which resulted in a total of 33,808 deaths (some fatal crashes resulted in multiple deaths) with 4,872 of those deaths being pedestrians, cyclists and unspecified other non-occupants.  Also, 217,000 people were incapacitated by auto accidents, and another two million people were injured.

And after banning guns and then banning automobiles, do we next ban hospitals because as many as 98,000 people a year die from medical mistakes...more than from vehicle accidents, breast cancer, AIDS, and gun deaths combined.   Do we stop doctors from prescribing medicine because an estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur each year.

Anything can happen in Obamaland, even the absurd, as Obama's slap-happy with those pesky Executive Orders you know.

But now for a reality 2011, the last year that official numbers were released by the FBI, there were 12,664 murders in this country with 8,583 of those being caused by firearms...a number far far less than either automobile deaths or hospital/medical deaths.


With gun deaths proven to be remarkably LOWER than all other causes of death, your liberal push for gun control is horribly misplaced...or is the Obama wanted gun control is NOT about controlling 'bad guns' for the safety of our children but is about total control...and the msm is helping Obama achieve his goal of disarming and controlling 'We the People' (including you libs) as he chips away at the Second Amendment.  Remember, the msm reports to the nth degree anytime anyone anywhere is killed by a so-called 'assault rifle' even though there is no such thing, because that's Obama's lynch pin to stripping us of our right to bear arms.

'Aint life grand in Obamaland (insert sarcasm here)...

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