Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bill Clinton might be Obama’s biggest campaign mistake yet
By: Diane Sori

OK folks guess who’s going to formally nominate Barack Hussein Obama as the party's presidential nominee at this year’s Democratic National Convention...drum roll please....and the winner is none other than good ol’ Bubba himself, William Jefferson Clinton.

Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the nominating speech at the DNC Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Obama and Mr. ‘Foot-in Mouth’ Joe Biden will speak on the convention's last night, when President (still gag on that one) Obama will officially accept his party's nomination.

Also at the convention, Democratic delegates will formally approve the party platform and guess what’s on it...a plank supporting same-sex marriage. Barney Frank, a member of the platform drafting committee, confirmed that the committee has unanimously approved the language and that it will be ratified at the DNC on September 3rd.

Aren’t we lucky (insert sarcasm here).  Our economy is falling apart, our military is hurting, there are no jobs to be found but look what makes its way to the party issues that are best left to the individual states but what can you expect as Obama unabashedly panders to yet another minority group.

Anyway, with issues like this as part of the party platform (instead of focusing on the economy), and with his calling in the biggest attention grabbing political grandstander there is, Obama hopes that Billy-Boy is his ace-in-the-hole in his desperate attempt to save a faltering re-election bid.

Barack Hussein Obama is in BIG time full distress mode .

Obama can’t fool us with his trying to associate himself with this still popular past Democratic president, a man who, by the way, still has a score to settle with him over what he did to Hillary in 2008.  And over the past few months Clinton has outwardly and publicly disagreed with Obama on some key issues, like the Bush Tax Cuts for example.  And don’t think Clinton won’t do it again and he might even do it at the convention

Yet Obama wants to risk it as he needs Billy-Boy to bring in an audience, as some in his own party are saying they will NOT attend the convention.  Why...because they are smart enough to see the writing on the wall NOT only for Obama but for their own re-election bids as well if they outwardly show support for him. 

Also, Obama knows that Clinton has a modicum of credibility with swing voters so he believes that Clinton might be able to sway those votes his way.  Oh how wrong he is as history has shown that swing voters and undecideds usually vote for the ‘new guy’ over the incumbent, especially when the economy is tenuous at best.

And what of Bill Clinton himself, the man who actually created Barack Hussein Obama.  Remember, if Clinton hadn’t had Obama as his keynote speaker at his second nominating convention, Barack Hussein Obama would have remained an unknown small-time Senator delegated to obscurity, and Hillary most probably would have been president today.

Bottom line...Obama is Bill Clinton’s creation and knowing what he knows now I bet Clinton would do things quite differently if he had a chance to do them over again.  And while Bill Clinton was and is indeed a liberal Democrat I will say this...he was NO traitor to his country and that is one huge difference.  And with Bill Clinton always saying what’s on his mind, and with there being a shaky truce at best between them, Obama really needs to keep an ear open for he just might be surprised at what he hears or doesn’t hear.

So while Bill Clinton might relish in the attention and love fest of the convention and tow the party line to some degree, I can probably safely say that in the privacy of the voting booth that he will pull the lever for the man he publicly stated had a ‘sterling business record’...Mitt Romney.

And I bet Hillary will too, as payback for losing the nomination could very well be a bitch for Barack Hussein Obama..


  1. Dick Morris said, based on what he heard, Bill Clinton would be pulling the lever for Mitt Romney. Oh how well you've described this upcoming scenario. I can't wait to see the ratings graph for the Democratic National Convention. A ratings spike when Brother Bill Comes on...The the numbers fall off the cliff when he leaves the stage! But some must-see-tv to be sure.

    1. Won't waste my time watching that media whore...or is it a media pimp in a man's case, hee, hee. Nice to know that Dick Morris agrees with me though.