Reminder: 4 Americans Dead In Benghazi

Benghazi FIreRemember what happened in Benghazi Libya on 11 September 2012?  Do you remember that Barack Obama and his administration lied to the American People by telling us that a anti Islamist video caused the attack that killed 4 Americans?

Glen DohertyYou know why the Obama administration refuse to send help to our Americans in peril during an attack that lasted for hours?  Why was the Obama State Department negligent in providing adequate security for our personnel on 11 September 2012? Will the incompetence by the Obama administration reach the level of an impeachable offense?
U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens
Information Management Officer Sean Smith
Navy Seal Tyrone Woods
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) Utah answers these and other questions concerning the attacks that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi Libya.

Although the established media has refused to even acknowledge there is any thing else to look into after the internal State Department investigation for “systemic” issues that led to the lack of response and security at our embassy and consulate in Libya.

Ginni Thomas asks Mr. Chaffetz these questions and more in the following interview.  At least some in D.C. are finding it somewhat troubling that 4 Americans were killed and the Secretary of State, who is in charge of the Department of State and the facilities that were attacked, still hasn’t spoken, under oath, about this tragedy.

Jason Chaffetz

Ginni Thomas
It way past time for some honest answers to these and so many more questions about the attack in Benghazi.