Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guess who made a quick jaunt to Israel...for the photo-ops of course
By: Diane Sori    
Well well...looky who finally made an official visit to Israel...Barack Hussein Obama...the very man who sees Israel as the dreaded Jewish thorn in the side of peace with his muslim brethren.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the man whose goal is to divvy up Israel, especially Jerusalem, to cater to and appease Hamas, Hezbollah and of course the Iranian regime (hey Obama, did you forget that ALL are terrorists and the US doesn't deal or negotiate with terrorists)...all who want nothing better than to wipe Israel off the map. 
That's the man who landed in Israel yesterday, and all I can say is Heaven help Israel. Mr. Photo-Op himself being there (and rest assured his face being in Israel will be plastered all over by the msm) is NOT something Israel needs or particularly wants as they have serious issues to deal with like Iran's accelerating of its nuclear program despite Obama's and the U(seless) N(ations) sanctions.
Diplomacy and action so far have not stopped Iran’s nuclear program”...“a clear and credible threat of military action is crucial” said Benjamin Netanyahu, while The Jerusalem Post reported that as the leader of the Jewish people, who have been threatened with destruction by Iran’s leaders, Netanyahu wants assurances that the US will launch a military strike if necessary to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, and that is something Obama is NOT willing to give him as he still wants to give diplomacy a chance.

Diplomacy my eye...he wants to give Iran time to finish their bomb...who does he think he's kidding.

And lets NOT forget that Syria’s civil war is spreading beyond its borders (and the fact that it appears they've already deployed some chemical weapons against their own people), and Egypt’s political transition into being nothing but a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. NO, Israel does NOT need Obama's 'it's all about me' visit and bloviations about making peace with those out to kill them. 
Obama's visit will NOT make one iota of a difference in easing tensions in the Middle East. 
In fact, everything Barack HUSSEIN Obama touches or has a hand in in that region blows up to bite the United States and Israel BIG time.

And lets tell it like it is...Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do NOT like each other, and this personal atomicity between the two will have a direct impact on any possible policy dealings in the making. And all this falls squarely on the shoulders of Barack 'muslim-in-disguise-as-a-Christian' Obama...after all Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu while he was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly last year (remember, he went on The View instead), Obama treated BiBi like a second class citizen while he was on an official state visit to DC...making him enter and leave the White House through the 'back door' while welcoming with open arms representatives from the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood through the front door. And most importantly, let's NOT forget Obama stating that the 1967 borders must be the basis for any and all future negotiations with the Palestinians.

Like that will ever happen. 
Obama simply does NOT understand that the armistice lines (they were never borders per se) of 1967 cannot be successfully defended with today's weapons technology that are in the hands of the Arabs. Also, and this is paramount, Israel cannot and will NOT negotiate peace with an enemy who refuses to recognize their right to exist as a Jewish state. Without that, NO part of any peace process will move forward NO matter how much Obama stamps his feet and whines. 
And Obama better wake up and accept the fact that Israel will NEVER divide Jerusalem for Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and the Jews alone...and the Western Wall, Judaism's most holy of sites is in East Jerusalem which will remain under Israel's control whether Obama likes it or not. And Israel will NOT grant the so-called 'right of return' to the so-called Palestinians for Israel was NEVER theirs to begin with, and there is NO such thing as Palestinians anyway...Yasasir Arafat made them up in the 1960s to further the ambitions of his militant PLO. And remember, former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin offered them almost everything they demanded and Arafat rejected the offer because peace with Israel was NEVER their objective...and Obama knows this as well as Netanyahu does.

And isn't it odd that even on this supposed fence mending trip that Obama still expects Israel to make all the concessions and sacrifices while Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas continues to publicly state that NO Jew will ever be allowed to set foot in a new Palestinian state. 
NO...this trip by Obama does NOT serve Israel well for Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT their friend...and while he will bloviate and make nice-nice to BiBi before the cameras about the enduring bonds between the two countries and the United States' unwavering commitment to Israel's security (Israel has "no greater friend than the United States"), he will do so with one hand's fingers crossed behind his back and with a knife ready to stab Israel in the back with the other.

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