Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3 good reads

From a Patriot friend:

Even in these tight economic times, our public libraries have public funds for purchasing books to add to their collections. A fellow Facebook friend and patriot (John L. Work) has written 3 books of "faction" that would be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good suspense thriller. One of John's books ("A Summons To Perdition") should be made into a movie... it's that compelling. Who doesn't enjoy a page-turner with a scary face of fire on the cover?

Friends across America, please grab your library cards, and make a quick phone call to request your public library purchase 3 book titles by John L. Work? The books are now available on amazon for a STEAL ($22 total), and are as follows:

*A Summons to Perdition (Shariah Law Suspense Thriller)
*The Canal (about an actual Leavenworth 10 patriot military man)
*A Well-Regulated Vengeance (America Without a 2nd Amendment)

"ASTP" begins EVERY chapter with a piece of "evidence" in the form of an actual Quran verse, sura, hadith, or expert quote from John Quincy Adams, Diana West, or Andy Bostom, for example. "The Canal" tells the true story (within a book of fiction) of a brave serviceman who served our country but was imprisoned 3 years ago due to inane rules of engagement during war times. And "AWRV" (rated R for language) is clearly a timely, gripping tale as well.

As John is self-published, his books (paperback & ebook) are available on amazon/kindle, and barnesandnoble. The only way for folks to read them is by patriot word of mouth. Do you think we can spread these awesome and informative books around our country through our public libraries? Would you please request all 3 titles in YOUR county?

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