Monday, April 29, 2013

Op-ed:                                                                  Chemical weapons...Obama's 'red line' in the sand  
By: Diane Sori

What makes a great leader...courage, vision, empathy, and knowing when it's time to lead, and I do NOT mean leading from behind.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a giant of a leader, an honorable man, and one known for keeping his word. When he says he's drawn 'a line in the sand' that Iran dare NOT cross, he means what he says and the world knows it, and fears the reality of those words.

But when Barack HUSSEIN Obama says he's drawn 'a red line in the sand' that Syria dare NOT cross in regards to using chemical weapons against their own people, the world laughs for the world knows this man will do NOTHING except spew rhetorical bloviations to try and make his narcissistic self look good.

Or get the U(seless) N(ations) to slap useless sanctions on them.

Two men at a crossroads in regards to their a man of his a man of empty threats...empty threats for this past Thursday, coming just two days after playing down an Israeli assessment that Syria had used chemical weapons, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that US intelligence reports had decided 'with varying degrees of confidence' that Assad's government forces had used sarin gas in two attacks, but that NO definitive proof of the use of this gas existed as of yet.

So why even bother to say this especially when Syrian officials denied the accusations, with a senior official saying the country did not, and would not, use chemical weapons even if it had them.

Why...perhaps to divert our attention away from the 'we know it's coming' cover-up of the Boston Bombings and the call for further investigation into Benghazi.

Remember, Obama has said time and time again that crossing the 'red line' in regards to the using of chemical weapons would be one of two things that would prompt tougher action on his part, the other being if Assad's stockpile of chemical weapons was transferred to terrorists, and then his administration spokesman announces, in a formal letter to Congress, that chemical weapons were indeed used, but then in the next instant backtracks on the 'red line' statement because suddenly there's NO definitive proof to verify what he just said about the use of chemical weapons so NO aggressive steps can be taken at this point in time.

Whew...what a mouthful.

And while good leaders know you cannot have it both ways nor can you straddle the fence when you throw down a gauntlet, which is what Obama did with his 'red line' comment, 'We the People' know doublespeak when we hear it for doublespeak is a specialty of this administration.

And in the case of something as serious as the use of chemical weapons, a good leader would announce they were used only if they had proof in hand, and then immediately carry through with promised actions NOT suddenly decide that what is now wanted is a detailed U(seless) N(ations) investigation that can evaluate the evidence, and have them decide if chemical were or were NOT used and which side used them, as both sides are accusing the other of using said weapons. 

But that is exactly what Barack HUSEIN Obama has done...he's thrown the ball to the U(seless) N(ations) so he doesn't have to take a stand against his muslim brethren...brethren of which are on both sides of the Syrian conflict ...but with the rebels seemingly having ties to al-Qaeda. 

And by doing what he's done in regards to the UN, Obama's 'red line' comment can be swept under the rug with the help of the 'in his pocket' main stream media. 

And now to add into all this volleying back and forth on 'red lines' is that the New York City based 'Human Rights Watch' group has said that recent Syrian government air and missile strikes have caused 84 civilian deaths in the Aleppo province, and are 'in violation of the laws of war.'

But guess what, that's what war is about...people dying, and that includes civilians, unfortunately even children.

Lesson 101...if you don't want civilian casualties then don't go to war...kind of simple isn't it...especially when you have Barack HUSEIN Obama trying to add Syria into his 'Arab Spring' fiasco.

So while rebel forces accuse Assad's forces of firing chemical weapons, and with Assad's forces accusing the rebels of being the one who fired said chemical weapons, Obama has now changed the words 'red line' to the words 'game changer' but vacillates on what he will do or won't do if the UN does decide the weapons were used.

Bottom line...Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in NO rush to intervene in Syria's civil war as he would be forced to outwardly chose sides and upset what passes for his brethren's sensibilities.


  1. Obama is posturing. Obama has not showed leadership qualities. In fact he is sullen and arrogant. What happened in Boston is clearly international terrorism in our homeland. Macy`s parade should be cancelled as it will be next.

    1. You bring up a good point about the Macy's Parade but if we cancel it than the enemy has won. As for Obama, he is a leader...for those out to kill us!

  2. It is likely Obama's terrorist buddies that overthrew Egypt, LIbya, Tunisia and other countries with U.S. monetary and military support, including deadly weapons and in the case of Libya, provided air strikes on the Orders of UN and NATO with no consultation at all with our Congress, and he got by with it. Then, the Benghazi affair. Obama and Hillary Clinton have our sources taking chemical and other weapons from the Libyan Military and taking it to Syria, Turkey and Iraq to be used to help Obama's Terrorist Buddies over throw Assad. Assad may be a bad guy, just like Khadavi was a bad guy, but these Terrorists Are Much Worse than these tin hat dicatators who at least maintain a semblance of civilized behavior. We are behind the entire revolutionary factions in the Middle East and North Africa, and all of these folks are bad players who now have the full military, monetary and other backing from the USA. This is treason. These same terrorists blew up our Trade Towers and have committed many other atrocities, and the Obama Regime is aiding and abetting these same terrorists.

    1. I agree with all you have said and I'll add if anyone in Congress had a spine they would call for Obama's arrest on the grounds of treason.