Saturday, May 31, 2014


Don't forget today's RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media. It's 'Call-In' Saturday and with all that's happened in ObamaLand this week Craig and I will have much to discuss.

Hope you guys call in and help us add a bit more unhappiness to the very bad week our 'traitor-in-chief' is having. The show stars at 11am EST and the call-in number is 928-255-0201. RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS...LIVE...11am EST on CPR Worldwide Media.


  1. I hope I can listen today. I have too much to do, but you and Craig always do an excellent job. Maybe I can pick up the last half hour!

    My bone to pick with the regime is the way they are handling the immigration crises. They are just letting THOUSANDS of kids come over the border! (60,000 per year) If they serve in the military (kids of illegals), they will let them be made a citizen.

    In the military today, 80% of those "Americans" who try to join are being turned away so WHY do we need the children of illegals to do the military’s job? This is done just for the vote of Hispanics! They are the new blacks for the democrats!

    La Raza is communist; Democrats are communist; black people in general are communists: is there no end to people who want to sit on their asses and collect welfare?

    They would sell their birthright for a bowl of porridge.

    The democrats want the government to be all powerful, and many of those who are called conservative have sold out; how about Justice Roberts? Wasn't it on the Patriot Factor...or maybe Craig...who said that Roberts had an "illegal" alien son from Ireland? That would imply his vote was NOT impartial! Therefore, Obamacare went through! Roberts sold America out, and is now anathema in my opinion. HE is a Benedict Arnold!

    OH well, enough bitching! I have to get to work...unlike Obama's peeples.

  2. I got to listen to half of the program today and it was GREAT! I am so pleased to hear that Gabby of Arizona is running for office and I pray she will win. About the time I lose hope on Hispanic people, someone like Gabby comes along that speaks conservative politics and gives me hope again. She has to know the liberal media will demonize her the entire time. She doesn’t fit their idea of how a Latina should behave! I hope to hear from her again and wish her all the best.

    Craig forgot and didn’t mute the sound between segments and I learned that Diane was not feeling well. I wish you a speedy recovery, Diane! Get some rest…you deserve it! You work harder than a dozen New York Times journalists combined (and a 100 times more informative.)

    About your rep Diane: she sounds just like what I would call a “hair-hatted hooligan.” You know… one of those hoes that pump out illegitimate babies for the taxpayers to support. All I needed to do was HEAR her voice and KNEW exactly what she looked like. I didn’t even need to see a picture of her. I knew! She is a f’ing liar about doing any kind of reconnaissance at the VA. I was frankly surprised she knew such a big word. You will NOT find her registered. The VA hospitals are hell holes and it is awful the way they treat vets. I would not rank a vet hospital with a veterinarian clinic for dogs and cats; animals are treated MUCH more humanely than a vet!

    I enjoyed the show today! Craig is great, but he is going to get in trouble with the libs one of these days. He and I think EXACTLY the same on many topics. I can understand why FACEBOOK discriminates against you: because you tell the truth and don’t sugarcoat ANYTHING! If they don’t like you and Craig, I wouldn’t last one day on that stupid crap so why even create a profile! I call things as I see them; and some people may find the truth hard to swallow. However, I back up what I say with facts, just like you and Craig.