Saturday, June 7, 2014

Impeach and arrest Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Today on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS, Craig and I broke news that Barack HUSSEIN Obama most assuredly negotiated with terrorists as White House National Security Council spokesperson, Caitlin Hayden, recently admitted that the Taliban had indeed been added to the list of 'Specially Designated' Global Terrorists by Executive Order back in July 2002. In other words GWB added the Taliban to the list of terrorists groups 12 years ago...groups we NEVER negotiate with.

Obviously, Obama, under the radar, rescinded Bush's EO as the Taliban did NOT appear on the terrorist list when this 5 for 1 deal was reached. And so Obama yet again LIED to 'We the People' but this lie will cause more American blood to be shed.

If this doesn't get you to sign and share our petition I don't know what will. Come on people... don't just be doers...America's survival depends on it.

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  1. Diane…you may have seen this on the Drudge Report, but a psychiatrist is questioning Obama’s sanity at this point. He is acting so irrational with his actions he could pose a danger to our nation. I hope our leadership on the left and right are listening!

    This is such a hot topic that I wanted to post it in case you have not seen it. This is a topic no one has brought up: Obama’s sanity.

    1. YES I did see it but thanks for sending it to me. Obama's sanity has indeed been brought up before but all are afraid to do anything against America's 'supposed' first black president.

    2. They would be sacrificing all of America because of the color of his skin.If he wasn't POTUS and just another man he would of done been in prison.He has still broke the law and his skin color should have nothing to do with it.