Saturday, August 16, 2014

Devout Muslim terrorists screaming “Allahu akbar” abduct schoolboys in Nigeria
Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs

Muslim paradise has boys for the righteous Muslims: “And the forerunners, the forerunners, those are the ones brought near in the Gardens of Pleasure, a large company of the former peoples, and a few of the later peoples, on thrones woven, reclining on them, there will circulate among them young boys made eternal, with vessels, pitchers and a cup of wine from a flowing spring, no headache will they have therefrom, nor will they be intoxicated, and fruit of what they select and the meat of fowl, from whatever they desire. (quran 56:10-21)

“Muslim terrorists are abducting schoolboys in Nigeria,” Reuters, August 15, 2014:
Suspected Islamist Boko Haram fighters have abducted dozens of boys and men in a raid on a remote village in northeast Nigeria, loading them onto trucks and driving them off, witnesses who fled the violence said Friday.
The kidnappings come four months after Boko Haram, which is fighting to reinstate a medieval Islamic caliphate in religiously mixed Nigeria, abducted more than 200 schoolgirls from the village of Chibok.
Several witnesses who fled after Sunday’s raid on Doron Baga, a sandy fishing village near Lake Chad, said the militants had burned several houses and that as many as 97 people were unaccounted for.
“They left no men or boys in the place; only young children, girls and women,” said Halima Adamu, sobbing softly and looking exhausted after a 110-mile road trip on the back of a truck to the northern city of Maiduguri.

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