Saturday, October 25, 2014


Today...on Saturday's edition of RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS from 11am to 1pm on CPR Worldwide Media...Craig and Diane will be discussing the issues of the day ranging from the possible awakening of 'sleeper cells' both here in the U.S. and Canada,,,ISIS still on the move...the latest from the Ebola front...the upcoming election, and of course all things Obama.

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  1. Yep…look forward to the show today and will try to listen.

    I don’t know how many of the reader’s took the challenge and listened to the
    Youtube video that was suggested for Craig, but I listen to it over and over and each
    time it gets better and better. Once (maybe numerous times) while writing posts to THIS blog, I did as one pastor suggested and just let it rip, and I felt a kind of inner peace in my soul.

    If I might say a few words here, last week Craig let it RIP! I don’t think anyone could have
    been clearer FOLKS. I tell ya FOLKS, I only heard ONE other person do a better RIP than Craig and that was their general manager. I tell ya FOLKS that was a RIP on steroids that could be heard around the world. I actually jumped up out of my seat and shouted hosannas! In my entire life, I have never heard a manager give a CLEARER message of what he thought than that man at that time (and I was thinking the exact same thing, and I think Diane thought the exact same thing too because she choked on a Bugle while listening…I heard her cough). When I heard the manager, I said: finally somebody has verbalized what I am thinking inside right now! FOLKS…I’m telling ya, if you miss any of those messages, you can’t be blessed.

  2. President Obama seen made an unexpected campaign stop in Chicago:

    He’s working hard to help other democraps win!

  3. Just a bit less than hour to wait FOLKS! I hope Criag is going to really let it RIP today. I have my gas mask on and am prepared for the MOTHER OF ALL RIPS!

    A special guest should be their manager with his deeper thoughts on Obama.

    For those who don't listen to the show, you are missing out! Diane seems to be getting really, really pissed at Obama, She is like the mother of all bombs waiting to explode. When that girl RIPS, I want to have my seat belt on! You might consider standing back away from the speaker a few feet.

    OK...Just let it RIP!

  4. For those who might be interested in today's program, I will give my opinion of what happened in my ear.

    Mohammad was his lively self! He let out several yodels with gusto.

    Craig did not rant this week, but bade the listening audience to listen to the best of Craig's rant from last week when he lashed out against Wild Bill. I listened to it and it was good!

    Diane let out one small rip using the word “asshole.” As you might understand, I was shocked at her language! I’m sure Craig turned red and was embarrassed.

    I tell you people out there a little secret, white people ARE now the fucking minority. You goddamned white liberals just handed over your country to Mexico.

    I hope your fucking croak on your own guilt and fucking stupidity!

    I near a large city in the suburbs and just went to a fucking 7 11 and all I heard was SPANISH. I looked at those goddamned assholes and KNEW they were fucking illegals. However, our leaders have become so fucking effete they don’t have the balls to ask them where they came from! What caused this condition? DEMOCRATS!

    Ask those whose job is Border Patrol; their morale is in the pits because of your ilk!

    Policemen can’t do their job for worry of the Justice Department coming after them.

    Hell…illegal shits are happy because five minutes after the election your GODDAMNED MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE PIECE OF SHIT LEADER will take out his executive pen out and make them illegally legal.

    Yes…a democrat is lowest dog turd on the planet. If any of you are reading this, know this: I hate your FUCKING GUTS! I hope you get FUCKING EBOLA with your dumbass retarded leader! I hope you LOSE everything to the government and they put you dumb shits in a welfare house slum with all of the world’s Trayvons and Michael Browns, and I hope they beat your fucking goddamned guilt ridden liberal white faces in! I hope if you lift up your wimpy hand to protect your own life, I hope the groids burn your house to the ground for having the fucking audacity to stand up to one of the democrat’s anointed people.

    White liberals make me ill! You shits don’t deserve freedom; you deserve to live in the hood with the rats YOU created. You deserve NO freedom at all. The government should cut off your balls because all you are just bunch of castrated bulls anyway (effeminate cows).

    Thanks to the white liberal shits of American, we can learn Spanish as our national language. This was the fundamental changes Obama wanted! Take heed, once this turns against us (white America), there is NO going back dumbass. It is permanent damage, and remember…you libtards voted for it!

    NOW…that was a RANT!

  5. I guess you missed my rant where I called Obama what he is...a muzzie usurping lying traitor, occupying our WH,,.you must have gone to the bathroom or for a snack when I let lose...LOL.

    1. Dianne, I'm just pulling your chains! You did a great job, and so did Craig.

      I know you have to be diplomatic on the radio, but wow...your manager did knock me out of my chair that one day...AND justifiably so!

      Craig DID do a really good rant last week! When he gets angry...step back! He defended his position with consummate ease and ├ęclat - how is that for a French word?

      Diane...I know you know this...but you guys are NOT alone! There are millions of us out here who cannot stand Obama and what he is doing.

      The anger is building so hot it's like a teapot about to blow its lid! Sometimes I wonder if Boehner has something up his sleeves. We need him to stop Obama anyway he can; we can’t do anything ourselves except by voting.

      What we need is another Glenn Beck when he was on Fox News! We need to show the nation our displeasure. To do that, we need somebody with power to speak out and organize a show of force against Obama. It has to be massive and in his face (along with his lapdogs the liberal media.)

      YES…I would join my patriot brothers and sisters in a demonstration to SHOW Obama our anger in Washington, DC. Truly I believe Obama mocks us! IT was me who said he pisses in the face of all good Americans, and I am not alone it that belief. Many where I work grumble about that evil son of a bitch.

      We need a leader; I don’t care if it is a man, woman, black, white, gay or straight. We need someone with true leadership to stand up to this tyranny. Oh yeah, baby…we are talking treason!

      I know you and Craig work hard. I know it’s not much, but thanks for being the messenger.
      I can’t imagine the number of hours you put into your blog and other things. I’m also impressed you got Ford Motor Company as a sponsor. I am proud to say I have driven a Ford for over 25 years (well two different Fords).

      I will vote…but where I live there is not much chance to win anything. It is just my small way to vote against tyranny. As an American, I am really worried for our country. I know…I am not alone. I feel like we need to do something, but other than voting, I don’t know what to do. I wish I had an answer for our predicament (a maniac in the White House.) This is not good! Godspeed in your fight against this animal!

    2. Thank you for your kind words and know that we are in this battle for our country together...and that we each do what we can. YES the anger is building but I do think we WILL retake the Senate and that's a start.