Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Today, Wednesday, October 29th from 2 to 4pm EST on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media Craig and Diane again welcome Mudar Zahran to the show. With the situation in Jordan becoming critical, regime change seems inevitable, and you know Obama's hand will be stirring the pot in the wrong direction. 

Pro-Israel Mudar Zahran...the secretary general of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition and leader of the Palestinians in Jordan...of course is NOT on Obama's radar. Mudar joins us today so you can hear what the Obama administration is deliberately ignoring. 


  1. Excellent show today with Mudar…and a good point at the end about the Gaza! I had no idea that a significant number of Gaza residents had Egyptian birth certificates. I bet if they let us look at their birth certificate it would not have been photo-shopped like Obama’s. They were offered land in the Sinai but their leader refused it.

    If I might comment here, La Raza just issued a statement to all people (illegals) where to vote WITHOUT voter ID. UMMM….why would they even mention such a thing? Maybe your goddamned stupid asshole liberal troll would care to answer that one! HE/SHE/IT said I overreacted about voter fraud. Sounds to me like La Raza is trying to get those who slink in the darkness to boldly vote ILLEGALLY in the light! Nothing would happen to them anyway! If Obama would let rapists and murderers go, then he would have no problem releasing a person guilty of voter fraud.

    Your Troll also tried to call me a RACIST! I have nothing against black people except those who do not follow the law. The lawless ones I deem gorillas in the mist. They are violent and should be avoided. I gave the troll the opportunity to prove me wrong about the crime, drugs, and racism of blacks against whites; they know for a fact that blacks are GERNERALLY the mudsill of any society.

    I don’t think any one demographic wants those people if they were being TRULY honest. PLEASE…anyone…show me an example in AMERICA or ANYWHERE ELSE where blacks benefited the community.

    If you talk to many blacks honestly, they will admit that they are their biggest problem along with voting for democrats…who many are now realizing is damaging to blacks.

    Hey libtard…listen to these black men and then tell me why any black should vote for a democrat.

    I tip my hat to these men! They are NOT gorillas in the mist; these are intelligent black MEN.

    If I were truly racist, I would not praise these men, nor would I vote for someone like Col. Allen West. SO…kiss my damn ASS! IT is YOU who are keeping these people down; not me! The good blacks WANT jobs, and obama has given the available jobs to illegal Mexicans. Blacks are pissed, and not listening to the bloviating pig turd anymore. last thing…Diane was really pissed today and she did say “POS president.” If you like…I will give a detailed account of what I think of him on request.

    1. YES I was pissed but I was careful to say POS and NOT the words...don't want to be accused of denigrating the lowlife...LOL