Saturday, March 29, 2014

America lost amongst a dream NOT remembered
By: Diane Sori 

"Diplomacy over action could cost America dearly."  
- Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post reporter and FOX News commentator

Our fearless leader in action...Muslim Brotherhood supporting and probably card carrying member Barack HUSSEIN Obama has now threatened “serious consequences” if Egypt dares...dares mind carry out the death penalty verdict handed down to 529 convicted Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and thugs. And John 'Swiftboat' Kerry has now stuck his nose in and added that he has also ordered Egyptian officials to cancel the death penalty verdict for those 529 Muslim Brotherhood members...or else.

Or else what...useless sanctions will be slapped on them...General Sisi must be laughing his head off as much as Vladimir Putin is laughing his.

Obama and Kerry oh so conveniently forget...or better yet choose to ignore...that Egypt is an independent and sovereign country ruled by the Egyptian constitution and by the power of an 'independent judiciary authority of law' and are NOT ruled by Obama. Therefore, they do NOT have to abide by Obama's or Kerry's wants or demands regarding their internal affairs, especially after Obama actually had the nerve to condemned Egypt for even bringing terrorists, thugs, and criminals to justice.

But hey...the man who professes to be a Christian could NOT care less about his supposed 'fellow' Christians being slaughtered in Egypt while he works to protect his Muslim Brotherhood brethren at all costs...good little muslim that he really is...after all he welcomed them into our government fold with open arms. And he knows allah might start rumbling if he didn't protect and stand behind the brethren every time they are brought to justice anywhere in the world.

So as Egypt is now joining other nations in laughing at Obama's diplomatic failures, Vladimir Putin continues to move his chess pieces into position to checkmate Obama on all fronts. And with Putin making NO secret that next in his scope will be Kharkiv, Donetsk, and the rest of southeastern Ukraine, Obama still continues on with his diplomatic kumbaya nonsense as Putin works to rebuild an empire.

And in the process of empire building Putin is NOT only making a mockery of the U.S., but he has actually negated America’s superpower status to almost nil. Making our great country a bit player on the world's stage, Putin has caused our allies in Japan and South Korea to wonder what will happen to them as both Russia and China flex their muscle. And those in the Middle East...especially in Israel... see our country under Obama's watch as playing games with selling them out in regards to Iran moving forward with their nuclear ambitions. 

And as Obama continues to draw 'red lines' in the sand in regards to our enemies, once crossed his retort is NOT military it should be...but economic sanctions that just mean our enemies will pull out their credit cards and charge whatever they need as those in Europe will allow this out of fear of going up against the suppliers of their much needed gas and oil.

Oh what a NOT so happy web Barack HUSSEIN Obama has weaved.

And with Vladimir Putin now amassing over 80,000 troops along Ukraine's southeastern border what does Obama do...he again bloviates in his best 'leading from behind' nails on a blackboard voice that Russia needs “to move back those troops and to begin negotiations directly with the Ukrainian government, as well as the international community.”

Even I'm laughing at that one for Obama has to realize that his being a Community Organizer is NO match for Putin's 'Russian Bear' persona. Even Obama has to realize that as Putin rebuilds an empire he is doing so while he...Barack HUSSEIN Obama...dismantles our great nation one Constitutional amendment at a time.

And Vladimir Putin knows Obama is weak...General Sisi of Egypt knows Obama is weak...Hassan Rouhani of Iran knows Obama is weak...Benjamin Netanyahu knows Obama is weak...and most importantly 'We the People' know Obama is weak and yet we allow him to remain in power as he destroys our he destroys our he destroys our health care he placates our enemies...all equating to one traitorous action after another being the hallmarks of his presidency and the harbinger of America's demise.

Dealing from a position of appeasement, weakness, and total dysfunction regarding foreign policy and NOT from a much needed position of strength...of military strength...when you think about... really think it makes you realize that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has actually already surrendered the Middle East to Iran, and now by his lack of actual action has surrendered Ukraine to Russia in addition to dictating to the sovereign nation of Egypt how they are to punish his terrorist and thug buddies. And within that realm of the new reality of Obama's social engineering, the man who would be King has been made into a court jester by the bully Putin, by the crazed Iranian regime as he does a diplomatic dance with Tehran, and by a general out to restore order, sanity, and freedom to his country...a country set ablaze by the very man who thinks his words and wants trump all.

And all this, as Charles Krauthammer said, "...could cost America dearly" for while nation building is NOT our prime objective, nation saving must always be for if we lose 'face' within the world community our enemies will have easy pickings of those wanting freedom...of those whose very freedom is now but a dream NOT remembered.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama in five short years has built it, owns it, and now must pay dearly for it with our beloved America the very thing that has been lost in the process...and that my friends is the saddest thing of all.


  1. Diane…girl…you have just written one of the best articles I have seen on this topic! You have Obama narrowed down to a tee. I also understand that compared to any other leaders of the world (free or otherwise); Obama is seen as a weak-kneed, pusillanimous court jester. Sadly, I see him the same way!

    Obama’s threats mean nothing at this point. It will take years to rebuild trust with our allies (and enemies). I agree with Krauthammer on all points concerning this president. Damn…you should be on FOX NEWS girl! You rank right up there with Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin (even better)!

    Reading between the lines…I understand your feeling that Obama is doing irreparable damage to our country. A quick quote here from you: 'We the People' know Obama is weak and yet we allow him to remain in power as he destroys our he destroys our he destroys our health care he placates our enemies...all equating to one traitorous action after another being the hallmarks of his presidency and the harbinger of America's demise.

    Diane…if Oblubber continues to ignore laws in the books, he may foment a Constitutional crisis which might lead to civil war. Many may laugh that off, but the democrat side seems to be for lawlessness. I’m serious about that! We are getting to a point of crises in our nation. We don’t want another king to rule over us…that was what the Revolutionary War was about (taxes, lack of representation, ignoring laws, using the government against the people…etc., etc.!)

    I guess what Obama said earlier still stands: wait until after the election and then I will able to do what I want (just paraphrasing the idiot). I hope all the blacks, gays, dead people, and felons are enjoying the change they voted for! America is circling in the drain right now and about to go down. It’s funny how the idiots who put Obama in can’t see past the end of their noses. It like going to the edge of a cliff and trying to stop the bus before it goes over, but the people keep pushing the gas pedal. Maybe when they hit bottom they will realize that unbridled welfare will kill a nation just like Detroit (thanks black people, thanks liberal Jews, thanks hair-hatted hooligans, thanks Hispanics and Asians).

    Fortunately most women (Diane you are not included here…your thought processes are perfect right now) are beginning to see the light. They (women in general) also put Obama in office. They trusted him and in good faith thought he would fix things! I hope they can now see the democrats for what they are!

    Only one group has consistently voted against Santa Claus (democrats), and that would be white males. As white males we need to take the bull by the horns and not give our nation away! The democrats are taking away the Constitution by allowing foreigners into our nation who vote CONSISTENTLY for the democrats. WHY? To overthrow the Constitution and allow more people in who think like them! Yeah…like Obama said: fundamentally change America!

    Sorry to ramble…but since I found your site you will be getting a lot of that! HA HA!

  2. You are right on the money. Barrack Obama is a terrorist of the scariest kind. He's the boogieman under the bed. It scares me to my core that we just sit by and allow this CRIMINAL who I do not believe is even a natural born citizen, to dismantle our great nation. I pray we are able to recover from this attack he has perpetrated on this entire nation.

  3. Wow! I thought the teabaggers were crazy, hate filled fools but you people are the burnt edge of the lunatic fringe. Civil war, blaming blacks and Jews; you sound just like Nazis. And the crazy woman was correct that Diane is just like Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. They are all lying hate filled demagogues. You people are truly doing the work of Satan.

    1. 1. Whites are getting attacked in record numbers, check out: . If you don't believe me then read for yourself, or continue to stick your head up your butt! This is the news you won't get on MSNBC.

      When a black man was attacked in Texas using the knock-out game in reverse, Eric Holder and the attorney general of Texas immediately served the white man with a hate crime (and rightly so); yet, crime after crime after crime against whites by blacks is NOT considered a hate crime...explain that you putz!

      If you are a white, then why don't you take your lily white ass on a trip to Detroit and see how that works out for you. Try walking among the hood rats (yes...I don't respect them and they are "N"s to me!)

      There is only one way to deal with thugs: a gun! I think that got Trayvon's attention for a second.

      2. Blacks kill more whites on a yearly basis than all the KKK years combined...research that you putz!

      3. Black men rape about 35000+ white women per year; yet white men rape black women so few times I could count them on one finger.

      Are you starting to see the pattern of crime against whites? If not then you are stupid!

      I have nothing against blacks as long as we can coexist peacefully; otherwise "F" them!

      They need to understand whites are tired of paying for them to sit on their lazy black asses and pump out illegitimate children.

      Yes...Abe Lincoln was right...they should not have been given the right to vote, or to serve on a jury. The vast majority are idiots because of the choices they make.

      I don’t know why anyone tries to take up for them anymore! They are a LOST cause. Most have an IQ of 85 and couldn’t think their way out of a cardboard box. If you don’t believe me, check the studies that show that time after time after time!

      Our government encourages them to produce bastard children! The hooligans get money to pump out more hood rats (to vote democrat). Show me ONE country in which blacks thrive and dwell among each other in safety? They can’t even stand themselves…why should anyone else be FORCED to like them?

      If you like them so much, then live among them; otherwise go jump in the lake!

    2. And another thing, I like Israel! I am a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. However, I am disappointed that American Jews vote democrat on a consistent basis.

      Much of the agenda we see on the news channels is brought to us by liberal Jews who hate this country.

      The Jewish people should not be lumped with black thugs; they are also attacked by blacks on a consistent basis. Do you read much?

      Other than voting for the same group, they don't have much in common with blacks. One group is basically peaceful; and the other destructive.

      However, because American Jews vote for these bad policies, I don't share much with them in ideology. However, I do not hate them. They are basically good people!