Sunday, October 5, 2014

Obama's Backdoor Gun Registration Scheme?                                                                                                    
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Black and Buying a Gun? The Government Wants to Know
If you want to purchase a firearm, you’d better be ready to declare your race and ethnicity. Because the government wants to know.

This is a policy that was quietly introduced under the Obama administration in 2012. At that time, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms updated their gun-buyer form to include checkboxes for whether or not you are Hispanic or Latino and to confirm if you are Indian, Asian, Black, White, or a Pacific Islander.

And don’t even think about leaving that part of the form blank. That’s a violation. One that could shut the gun dealer down if he lets it slide.

So, what gives?

Why exactly is this “post-racial” administration keeping track of race when it comes to gun purchases of all things?

A Plan for Backdoor Registration?

The whole situation is hinky.

A lot of things could be going on here. None of them have to do with better law enforcement. Or protecting average citizens from gun crimes.

The ATF says that it is just making its forms complicit with standards set by the Office of Management and Budget in 2003. (Apparently, they just got around to it.)

But critics say there is no federal mandate that gun dealers collect race or ethnicity information from their customers.

You must provide a government-issue photo ID when purchasing a firearm. The dealer also runs a background check. So collecting this information for identification purposes doesn’t make sense.

According to some dealers the forms themselves are being mishandled. The gun dealer holds the forms in question on file. The ATF may request access to specific forms in the event of a criminal investigation. They may also check the forms during a gun dealer audit. But some dealers say that recently, ATF officers have come in and copied their forms … all of them.

It seems possible to me that since gun registration bills have failed to pass, the Obama administration may be building its own “gun registration” database using these purchase forms. That’s pure speculation … but you must admit, it makes sense. Especially given this administration’s history of circumventing Congress to get its way.

The Incremental Death of Your Constitutional Rights
Now, you may be thinking that this is really no big deal. It’s just a form. Kept on hand by gun dealers, just in case.

But it’s more than that. Over and over again the government is conditioning us to give up our privacy. To blindly accept authority. To put up with violation after violation.

The list of incremental encroachments on your rights is endless. Just a sampling:
  • A man in Oregon was imprisoned for 30 days because he collected rainwater on his property.
  • In Santa Monica, it is illegal in some cases to smoke inside your own residence.
  • Filming a TSA agent is considered “terrorist” activity.
  • Under directions from HUD, homes in some Pennsylvania counties are being scanned with infrared technology to track and record their green house gas emissions.
  • The National Defense Authorization Act allows the government to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely if they are suspected of assisting terrorists. (I’m sure this will never be misused.)
  • And that doesn’t even get into the massive data gathering programs of the NSA, which continue to this day.
In terms of regulations alone, government power has expanded exponentially in the last 40 years. In the early 70s, it took nearly 75,000 pages of documentation to capture all the federal regulations on the books. Today, you need nearly 175,000 pages!

The government wants to know everything you’re doing. And it wants a say in how you’re doing it.

Now they’re collecting irrelevant personal data, with no federal mandate, when you try to exercise one of your basic constitutional rights.

If you’re feeling mad right now, then good! You should be.

What You Can Do About It

Unfortunately, there’s no magical solution to the ridiculous level of government encroachment on citizen’s lives. It took a long time for things to get this bad, and it’s going to take a long time to fix it.

But fix it we must. And the starting point is voting for people who favor a smaller government that limits itself to a few, common-sense regulations.

And then holding their feet to the fire when it comes to keeping their promises.

We have an election coming up. Make sure you vote, at every level, for elected officials who share your values.


  1. This sounds pretty stupid to me! What does it matter what color you are if you have a clean background check? I got some info over the internet that I included in quotations.

    “FBI Crime Stats for 2010 (Last year that has been finalized)

    There are 14.82 murders per 100K by blacks versus 2.17 per 100K for whites.”

    Keep in mind that Hispanics are classified as white. If you took the Hispanic out of the picture, I bet the 2.17 per 100K would go down some!

    Now…this thing states that the murder rate among blacks is over 7 times that for whites (whose population also includes violent Hispanics.) If memory serves me, the Hispanic rate is about 3 times the “real” white rate (that is 300% higher folks!)

    The data from the FBI showed that whites mostly murdered whites (83) percent compared to blacks murdering blacks at 90%.

    As I said, Hispanics are considered white by the FBI. Does that 83% of whites killing whites mean Hispanics killing whites? Note: only 10% of blacks are murdered by some other race (could they be murdered mostly Hispanics and not “European” whites; maybe Hispanic gang members!) I can’t state that one way or the other. I think the government is deliberately trying to inflate the murder rate among whites by including Hispanics in their numbers. Why…to take guns away from law abiding whites! The liberals want so desperately to make white people out to be the demons!

    I’ll give you folks some basic facts: Negroes are the MOST violent racial group in the United States; followed by Hispanics (who are considered white), but I don’t want to claim them. Now…somebody with math smarts would have to figure this up, but let’s say that Hispanics make up about 20% of the US population, and their violent crime rates are about 3 times higher than European whites, I posit that white rates would go down to about 1,5% per 100K, or basically European standards!

    If the feds want to lower crime, why don’t they acknowledge the 300 pound gorilla in the room? A good book to read is called the Bell Curve; It explains why people of color commit more crimes (they have a lower IQ). The Bell Curve shows why Africans never lived in anything more developed than a grass hut; commit violent crimes no matter what Continent they are on, and generally do not graduate from high school. Folks…they ARE a LOST cause! You can beat your heads against the wall and give them free stuff, but at the end of the day they are going to be Negroes. DO you let a group of people who are borderline retards vote?

    OK…I guess I’m finished for now!

  2. OK…I’m trying to decipher a math problem; maybe a math whiz could help me!

    If the total white population consists of two types of whites, but one group has a higher violence rate than the other (by 300%) AND the two groups are lopped together, how much lower would the total crime rate of 2.1 per 100K statistic to go down for the white population (European whites.)

    Here are my thoughts:

    If we know the nicer group is 80% of the population (20% for the less nice group who commit murders at 3 times the nicer group.)

    .8X + .2Y = 1

    X and Y are the number of murders committed by each group of whites, BUT the number of Y is 3 time that of X…so:

    .8X + .2(3X) = 1 or

    1.4X = 1 or

    X = 1/1.4 or about .71

    I “think” that real white people commit about 71% of their own murders, or there about.

    If you multiple 1/1.4 by the total of 2.1, you get about 1.5%, or the true white rate, or there about.

    Anyway, I found a value that is 1.5% that supported my claim that European white crime is in line with European rates per 100K.

  3. OPPS sorry! I think X and Y would represent the murder rates per group. Thanks for any help if my math is wrong. : )

  4. God dam it now wait a minute! If I multiply .8 times 1/1.4 I get about 57% (the nicer proportion of people who murdered), which leave the 20% of the population committing about 43% of the murders.

    SO! 57% of 2.1 = 1.19%....EVEN lower than I had thought.

  5. Dam it! I said "2.17% per 100K" NOT 2.1% per 100K.

    SO...if I multiply 2.17 times .57 I get 1.24 rounded up to the nearest hundreth.

    OK...I will now forget this problem! If I made an error...opps!