Sunday, December 6, 2015

ISIS Commander Meets With Hamas in Gaza

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Hamas in America is CAIR, MSA, and ISNA. Is it any wonder they are covering for the San Bernardino jihadis?
ISIS commander meets with Hamas in Gaza, Washington Times, December 5, 2015:
Shadi al-Menei, the commander of ISIS in the Sinai, is meeting with Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip to discuss ways that the terrorist groups can increase cooperation and coordinate attacks.
shadi menei
There has been conflict between Sunni jihadis and Hamas previously in the Israeli territories of the West Bank and Gaza, as Islamic radicals want to continue to provoke Israel to attack, and Hamas has been more cautious. Now it seems those gloves are off and the two will be working together.
The Times of Israel reports Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s...


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  1. Tonight I watched our Islamist in Chief tell the falsehood that ISIS does not speak for Islam. I cannot believe Obama is so ignorant as to believe that that statement is true. ISIS speaks exactly for Islam as taught by its prophet.
    What ISIS probably does not speak for is a majority of muslims, but it does speak for many. And it speaks for far too manly to continue allowing muslims to immigrate into this country.
    Muslims are people. Some of them are very good. Some of them are very bad. And most of them fall somewhere in between. But Islam is a political ideology mixed with religion which it uses as a tool to control and dominate everyone that it can. Islam, taken as a whole, is very evil. It was invented by a man who became one of the world's most successful warlords, and it is the perfect ideology for a warlord.
    You join the gang or we kill you, rape your women, and make your women and your children your slaves. If you leave the gang we kill you. If anyone outside the gang insults us or our Leader, we assassinate them. And, by the way, you are superior to your women, so you can mistreat them as you please, and we will say that you are sanctimonious when you beat them or imprison them. And you get to keep everything you can steal from the non believers that we attack, and if you are killed you go straight to paradise, which rests under the shadow of swords, and get to screw a gang of young virgins for eternity. Can anyone think of a more appealing and controlling religion for a gang of poverty stricken ignoramus warriors?
    Obama says Islam is a religion of peace. I say Obama is telling a black lie, not black because he is part black, but black because it is told with the intention of harming America.
    There are two important steps we can take right now to protect ourselves against our greatest enemy, Islam, basic plain ordinary Islam. And they are: 1) stop all muslim immigrations into the US. They do not want to assimilate. They want to create their own little Islamic areas inside the US and live under their own awful 7th century laws of cruelty and repression , and
    2) Adopt a constitutional amendment that says that since Islam is a political ideology mixed with religion that it uses to destroy freedom , and since it is hostile to our constitution and freedoms, it shall not be considered a religion within the meaning of the constitution and laws of the United States or any state thereof, and no Court of the Unite States or any state thereof shall recognize or enforce Sharia law.