Monday, December 28, 2015

One a Statement...One a Video...Both a Joke
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Countdown...363 days (its a leap year) until Christmas 2016...wish it was here as it will be Barack HUSSEIN Obama's last Christmas as president and will be the last time he'll be able to jet off to Hawaii on our taxpayer dime. Now add in the all important reality that we will never again have to hear and see him try to pass himself off as a Christian...something we know he is anything but... and it truly becomes 'happy dance' time.

And that 'anything but' showed loud and clear in not only his continuing this year with yet another 'Happy Holidays' politically correct White House Christmas card, but also in his December 23rd 'Statement by the President on Persecuted Christians at Christmas'...which sharply contrasted with his and his so-called 'special holiday guest star' Michelle's phony playing to the sheeple 'touchy-feely' pre-taped official Christmas address that ran starting on Christmas Eve on the White House website.

First, let's look at Obama's December 23rd presidential statement...and while some might think this statement altruistic at first reading, when broken down and really read and digested with eyes wide open, the words said were indeed anything but what they seemed on the addition to the words being way too little and way too late to mean anything.

Reading between the lines, even with Obama's press secretary and political writers trying hard to have their words make him appear sincere especially when saying, “In some areas of the Middle East where church bells have rung for centuries on Christmas Day, this year they will be silent; this silence bears tragic witness to the brutal atrocities committed against these communities by ISIL,” Obama's using the word 'ISIL' instead of ISIS...or even IS...negated any and all true heart-felt sincerity they wanted him to convey. Remember, by saying ISIL Obama was able to give yet another shout-out to his...and obviously their...oh so wanted Levant...the Levant that has the Jewish state of Israel missing from the map. In fact, these words as written in this press statement almost make it seem like Obama's saying it's tragic...somewhat anyway...what has been done to the Christians, but the hell with what has been done and will be done to the Jews and the nation of Israel.

“This silence bears tragic witness...” words that are quite hypocritical from the man who has done what amounts to basically not a damn thing to save the Middle East's Christian population even as ISIS videos continue to be posted showing beheadings, rapes, torture, and burning alive of those he says are victims of “brutal atrocities” committed against them. And throwing out humanitarian aid packages from U.S. planes and helicopters to the Christian Yzidi...packages that go 'splat' when hitting the ground as no parachutes were attached to them...reeks of deliberate, calculated, and cunningly willful incompetency as does giving the Kurdish fighters...the good guys...armed vehicles with no protective armor attached to the side of them.

And while his writers, as typical of all his previous Christmas statements, included words to thank our troops serving in the theaters of war...words only to 'save face' I'm sure...please know that no words of gratitude for our military will ever voluntarily flow from this man's personal pen. And those words of in, “praying for God’s protection for those brave men and women engaged in our military” buried in a long-winded, quite insincere, generic message of phony compassion about his...and notice I said 'his'... efforts to “restore stability, security, and hope to their nations” nations now purged of their Christian populations... nations he and his inactions and 'NO strategy' strategy helped destroy.

Well, maybe 'destroy' is not quite the right word as these countries now laying in ruin are basically run by those whose very side Barack HUSSEIN Obama is actually on...making it 'mission accomplished.' And let's be honest about something else, Obama's trying to pass off the words “praying to God” in regards to our military...or anything for that quite redundant as we all know his 'god' is not the true living God of we Christians and Jews.

And so his statement finishes with words from an old Christmas Carol, 'I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day'...“The Wrong shall fail, The Right prevail, With peace on earth, good-will to men.” Beautiful words in spirit but words quite hypocritical coming from the man who in everything he touches fails; from the man who has been wrong about everything concerning both what Americans want and what our country needs; and who when actions were needed deliberately and maliciously did not a thing as his betrayal of both America and her allies directly led to the birth of the killing machine known as ISIS.

And it's the ISIS killing machine that has now targeted the very Christians he, too late, speaks of protecting. And something that many...including the current batch of Republican presidential candidates...refuse to see is that the only Arab country in the Middle for Egypt...that protects its Christian population is Syria, and it's courtesy of Bashar al-Assad's secular government. And Syria is the very country that, like he did in Egypt, Obama has in his sights for a total regime change...a change for the worse as he has America supporting the very ones actually killing the Christians... the anything but moderate Syrian rebels loyal to ISIS...and he's doing so as he tries to put in place what he failed to do in Egypt...that being a lasting ISIS aligned Muslim Brotherhood controlled government...all in hopes of getting back into the islamic leader's and mullah's good graces.

Still think Obama's official statement was as altruistic as it appeared at first glance...I sure hope not.

Now as for Obama's official two and a half minute 'Christmas Address' to the address taped at the White House last week before leaving for the family's our taxpayer expense... Christmas vacation in address that was quite comical as there is an 'edit point' at one minute and twenty seconds in, meaning these two jokers couldn't even get through a simple teleprompted speech without it needing editing. And by 'these two' means it was an Obama 'two-fer' in with Obama you got Michelle as well...kind of like with the Hillary you get Billy-Boy scenario. And this was an address where just as in his recent terrorism address to the nation Obama looked 'drugged'...if you will...maybe that's why he needed Michelle and her oh so contemptuous face there with him.

See video of Obama's Christmas Address here:

And while Obama once again...just as he did in his 2014 Christmas address...looked small and quite inconsequential as he slouched down, hunched over, and with elbows on his knees as if not giving a damn about the words he is saying...remember that body language does speak volumes...without passion said in this years address that Americans need to follow Jesus's example of “charity and compassion.” And of course we know exactly who this man is referring in he wants us to be compassionate and accept into our country the anything but true Syrian the tune of 10,000 unable to vet refugees...some of whom...many of whom...we know are part and parcel of his brethren's terrorist to speak.

Speaking also of “acts of kindness,” Obama tried to bamboozle 'We the People'... still quite unnerved after the recent islamic terrorist attacks in both Paris and San Bernardino...into thinking he has terrorism (still refusing to say the all-important words 'islamic terrorism') under control...which actually is also quite laughable for while he does islam's bidding and begs the American people not to give into 'islamophobia' and to welcome Sunni muslim refugees into our country...refugees of the likes Europe is now sorry they did...he turns away Iraqi and other Middle East Christians who truly are trying to escape religious persecution.

And he does so while speaking the words, "That’s the spirit that binds us together not just as Christians, but as Americans of all celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear.” The problem here is that first, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is no Christian...remember his actions speak louder than his words...and second, the values he holds dear are the values of the cult of death that is islam. And cult of death islam is, what with their wiping out the Christian population in the Middle East and doing so in allah's name...a population down from 20% to 4% all within the last century. And lest we forget that with the exception of Israel, islam has virtually wiped the Middle East clean of its Jewish population as well.

Also, Obama said that in the spirit of Christmas, Americans need to honor the sacrifice of military service in do what I say not what I do. "During this season, we also honor all who defend those values in our country’s uniform. Every day, the brave men and women of our military serve to keep us safe — and so do their families," were the words from the man who has done every and anything to assure that our military does not win this war or kill too many of his brethren by 'tying their hands' when fighting, by cutting our military budget to laughable levels, to defaming and apologizing for our troops whenever he can, and who has done what amounts to nothing to help aid our troops when they come home from the theaters of war or to help those who once wore our country's uniform...our veterans.

And then Michelle...whom Obama introduced as Mrs. Obama and not Michelle, and who of course had a pursed look of contempt for our military on her face throughout...chimed in and said, "Let’s also take time to pay tribute to those who have given our country so much." But you just know she had her fingers crossed behind her back...taqiyya style...because she might be the only person who disrespects our fighting men and women even more than her husband does...and no hiding behind Jill Biden's 'Joining Forces Initiative' will fool us.

And Michelle's speaking of 'traditions' as in her 'supposed'...and I say 'supposed' because I don't know of anyone who has seen it...2015 White House Christmas theme 'A Timeless Tradition,' which 'supposedly' has each room of the 'People's House' being decorated to commemorate American in and of itself quite comical for the only tradition this family has is jet off on 'personal or largely personal' vacation after vacation to a tune of...and you need to sit down for this one...a whopping $70.5 million of our taxpayer dollars (according to Judicial Watch). And that has only been since taking office in January 2009 with still a little over a year to go in Obama's presidency...I wonder if our collective taxpayer pocketbook will survive this arrogant and narcissistic duo.

Nice tradition huh...and Michelle has the unmitigated gall to even speak about “those who have given our country so much,” by saying “Go to to see how you can serve the troops, veterans and military families in your community,” when the money...our taxpayer dollars...she and her husband so selfishly spend on themselves...without 'We the People's' permission I might add...could have done so much to help our veterans in need.

And all this...words, actions, and deeds...both in the president's statement on the persecution of Christians and in the official White House Christmas Address are par for the course for America's traitor-in-chief and oh so par for the course for America's First 'classless' Lady.

January 20, 2017 can't come soon it's way passed time to take out the traitorous and classless trash.


  1. Obama has proven himself to be more a friend of Islam than of the united states. He was born a muslim since his father was a muslim. He claims to be christian, but he has lied so often that his word is worthless.

    ISIS's rise is directly attributable to the polices of Hillary and Obama who intentionally destabilized the middle east. We may never know for sure whether this was done foolishly or treacherously, but it has killed many thousands of people, mostly non muslims.

    We need to face that fact that ISIS is just devout muslims doing what the core teachings of Mohammed tell them to do.

    We need to recognize that Islam is a political ideology mixed with religion that has no right to be respected because it is not respectable. Its basic tenets call for Islam to take over the world by force and deceipt, destroying our constitutional rights in the process. It teaches that God loves only muslims and wants them to kill or enslave or make second class citizens of all others.

    These are not respectable ideas and thus islam is not entitled to be respected. On the contrary it should be opposed at every turn.

    This is not a call for animosity against muslims. Muslims are people, some good, some not. People should be loved, but love does not include respecting unrespectable ideas and policies, nor does it include saying that wrong actions are right.

    We need to stop the spread of plain ordinary islam in the US and the best way would be a constitutional amendment that deprives Islam of the status of being considered a religion within our constitution and laws, and which forbids the enforcement of sharia law.

    This would be a wonderful step of love and liberation for muslims. Some 850,000,000 muslim women could start to hope for the eliminaton of the cruel oppression of sharia law on them. And an equal number of muslim men could start to anticipate freedom from the depraved idea that God wants men to dominate women. It would be a win win for all humanity except a few misguided cruel muslim rulers and head clerics.

    1. I have written about taking tax-exempt status and declassifying islam as a religion many times including in the piece that is in this blog's header.If you get a chance read it as it shows how this can and why it should be done.

    2. Yes , you have written about this and it in your blog's header and I have read it.

      I agree that the SCT should hold that Islam is not entitled to be treated as a religion under our constitution and laws, but in my opinion as a lawyer there is no way this politicalized SCT will make such a holding.

      If we want Islam to be deprived of status as a religion it will have to be by constitutional amendment.

      Put the proposed constitutional amendment that I sent previously on your blog header, and see it it will generate some discussion. If nothing else, it may get some people to actually start learning the truth about islam.

  2. The Obamas won't remain in office for the rest of the year. If Washington passes the new gun law, they will be asked to step down, if not, those that vote yes will be placed under citizens arrest for violating the US Constitution.

    1. Will NOT hold my breath for either scenario to happen although I wish they would.