Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Conscience Voters Beware 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Contentious: subjects that are likely to cause major disagreements or arguments…and nothing is more contentious than this upcoming presidential election…on that we can all agree for not only are Republicans and Conservatives at each others throats but Democrats are at each others throats as well.

And many of us have different reasons for why we are voting for or not voting for any given presidential candidate. But the one thing we have in common is right now at this point in time the issues have taken a back seat to emotions, temperament, and what has become a ‘nasty’ word…conscience.

Our conscience is our ‘inner’ guiding voice…if you will…that allows us to make good or bad decisions…decisions obviously in our personal lives but also decisions come election time in how we vote for our leaders. Voting one’s conscience is usually based upon researching a candidate, knowing right from wrong, and many times is influenced by one’s religious beliefs or lack thereof. But voting one’s conscience can also sadly be based upon emotions like anger alone. And many times a conscience decision come election time becomes based upon someone realizing that what is good for the collective whole must take precedence over a decision based upon one’s personal wants or needs.

However, in this election cycle the word ‘conscience’ has taken on a new meaning with the word ‘traitor’ being bantered about by those who say the only right way to vote is to vote one’s conscience; as well as by those who flip the coin and imply that conscience voters are selling out to the ‘other side.’ And then there’s a special group of conscience voters who so love to mock, slander, and defame any who do not hold what they, the conscience voters, deem is their correct only version of conservative principals. 

And it is to that later group that some have lumped me and my Right Side Patriots partner Craig Andresen into for one reason and one reason alone…we both were proud members of #nevertrump during the entirety of the primary season but have now decided to vote for Donald Trump. And that has come complete with the ‘T’ word being lobbed at us both by some still #nevertrump with now added into the mix by some of those #gopexodus, both groups of which say the consciences of those who don’t agree with them are consciences and votes not worth having.

First, let’s touch upon the #gopexodus because that is easier to explain. Simply, some in the Republican party have decided once again that because their candidate of choice did not get the nomination…and know that neither Craig nor mine did either…they are saying it’s the party’s fault, the party is no good, the party is to blame, so it’s time to leave the party. But I say when something is surely not working…and right now we can all agree the Republican party is not working as it should…one should try to fix it…bring it back to its core principals…not run away like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. 

Throughout our nation’s history…and especially within the Republican party…we patriots have always fought to right wrongs not run away from a fight or a challenge. But sadly, I believe, that is exactly what these folks now leaving the party are doing for in their minds it’s better to turn their backs on their party than to put in the hard work needed to fix what’s broken…but know it can be fixed with dedication, focused plans of action, and by working on the grassroots level to find a new and younger generation of candidates who are America’s future…the next generation of leaders who honor the past but are who not tied to the ideologies of those whose time to depart the political stage has been long overdue.

And dare I say that those who run away are, to me, cowards of sorts…maybe not in the classical sense of a coward in let’s say war, but in the sense that they are too fearful or impatient to stay and fight a fight that might just take a generation or more to win. And maybe the ‘old guard’s’ actual physical demise will be the only thing to set the Republican party right again…I don’t know…but one thing I do know is that running away is not now nor has it ever been the answer to a problem or a solution to past bad choices made. 

Now as for the conscience voters…voters who I hope are not of the mindset that God is a politician or that Jesus is on the ballot…many of whom remain #nevertrump…these folks need to understand that if their consciences are leading them to vote in a direction guided by their religious beliefs alone…America as a whole will lose for while America is indeed 'One Nation under God,' America is not a nation ruled or governed by God but a nation ruled by elected officials and governed by the Constitution.

And some sadly seem to forget that.

And to those whose consciences feel that Donald Trump is just Hillary Clinton ‘lite’…let me say that while similarities in certain philosophies are unmistakable…no one can deny that…there are certain key differences that for both me and Craig  ‘trump’ the similarities…as in Trump is not a socialist, an islamic-condoner, a murder, or a traitor…something the ‘Butcher of Benghazi’ most assuredly is…and the reasons why we personally have now decided to leave the ranks of #nevertrump and cast our vote for Donald Trump. 

But know that voting for someone is not endorsing them nor is it supporting them in the classical sense, but it is an understanding that a third party vote or protesting by not voting is not only a vote cast for Hillary but is a vote for Obama's third term in office as well. 

Let me explain.

For starters, while many Democrats themselves view Hillary in a negative light because of not only her ponderous for lying but for her being part of what many refer to as the ‘Washington global elites’…a group of rich politicians and leaders of countries that don’t like us very much who strive for and whose strings are pulled by those wanting the New World Order complete with Agenda 21…they will still vote for Hillary simply because they want a third Obama term. And why…because it gives their lazy selfish selves a continuation of their now relied upon ‘free stuff’ and allows for some within their ranks to continue acting badly while facing no consequences for their actions.

Two examples…can you say Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers for starters.

And a Hillary presidency, like Obama’s, would continue ‘racism for profit’ both monetarily and as a way to expand the party numbers for by their promoting racism even in a veiled form…which is what Obama has done for almost eight years now and which Hillary’s comments and actions clearly support…allows the Democrats to label us who belonging to the party of Lincoln and Reagan as people who must never be allowed to assume the reins of power for to them we are all racists who probably have white hooded sheets hanging in our closets.

And Hillary Clinton is ill prepared to do what is required to be the steward of America’s ship for like Obama, Hillary will always make politically expedient decisions based upon what’s good for her own personal political agenda and of course for her all-important monetary gain...as well as for the Clinton Foundation's...instead of making the sometimes unpopular but oh so necessary decisions that serve the majority well. But to her supporters the majority be damned as long as she keeps the ‘free stuff’ flowing in their direction.

And certain decisions become even more critical when venturing into the foreign policy arena what with this being the day and age of ‘islamic terrorism’…a term that Hillary, like Obama, also refuses to say. And it’s here in this specific arena that our country cannot afford yet another of what some call an “imperfect commander-in-chief”…as in one who does not serve ‘We the People,’ our military, or our allies well. 

Remember, as Europe is being invaded by an army of young, strong, terrorist-aligned muslim men…and as blood continues to flow through her ancient streets…Obama ever so nonchalantly looks away as will Hillary for both have enemy operatives pulling their strings…Svengalis who influence and guide their every move and every decision…with Hillary having 'suspected' Muslim Brotherhood operative Huma Abedin as her top adviser and with Obama having the infamous Valerie Jarrett...the woman whose ties to Iran run deep as obviously does his.

Now I’ll give you but a few specific domestic policy areas where a Hillary Clinton presidency would directly overlap and continue Obama’s presidency.

Let’s start with Hillary’s economic policies which mirror those of Obama. And while Hillary knows well that after Obama’s continuing dismal economic recovery and jobs numbers that America would be better served if we had a president who ignores the daily mundane and oh so unimportant intricacies of combative personalities on both sides of the aisle and instead puts the best interest of our country into the forefront, know that Hillary Clinton will not do this even knowing that most economic decisions made on the national level do directly filter down and impact the economic lives of each and every American citizen on a daily basis. 

So of course Hillary will not do this because it’s Obama’s economic policies that Hillary has indicated she will follow starting with what amounts to taking away from the rich via heavily increased taxes…taking away from the very folks who create jobs…to give to what I call ‘the sponges’ of our society…those who feel they are ‘entitled’ to what we in the middle class have but without their having to work for it. Simply, Hillary, like Obama, wants us all on the same socio-economic level…a level of dependency that has us beholden to the government for our daily survival…in other words, ‘socialism.’

And Hillary has indicated that she too will try to use executive power…as in executive orders…if need be to implement comprehensive immigration reform…and that includes her support for Obama’s path to legal status for what she and the Democrats call ‘undocumented immigrants’ but who we rightfully and truthfully call ‘illegal aliens.’ Hillary is also seconding Obama’s call for open borders and for continuing the nightmare that is sanctuary cities…cities that have increased in number since Obama took office and will continue to increase in number with Hillary as president… no matter that such designation increases the crime rates of the cities so designated. And she will also continue to support Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability) programs…programs that waive deportation for illegals. And Hillary has said she will expand these programs of Obama’s once in office.

Remember, too, and again like Obama, Hillary has no problem allowing into our country unable to vet Syrian anything-but-refugees. And to make it worse, Hillary wants to increase by 500% Obama’s now wanted 100,000 Syrian refugees resettlement program over the course of the next fiscal year…which would be the first year of a Hillary Clinton presidency if she is elected.

And again following in Obama’s footsteps comes Hillary’s proposal for what she calls a ‘New College Compact’ that would make community college free and allow students to attend public four-year colleges debt-free…and that includes for illegal students and students not really college material as well. Nice huh…and when you add in that Hillary also wants to fund universal pre-K for all four year olds (something I am vehemently against as I believe children need to be home with their families until they are of kindergarten age…no ‘it takes a village’ nonsense for me) you just know that it will be we taxpayers who will be footing the bill for all of this. 

And dare we forget that Hillary is, just like Obama, an advocate for gun-control and that she would also try to do away with our Second Amendment rights for like Obama, Hillary believes guns kill people forgetting that it takes a person to pull the trigger. And Hillary, again like Obama, also wants a ban on assault weapons, and is for creating yet another Obama-like series of background checks that will only help to keep guns out of the hands of we law-abiding citizens while knowing well that criminals will always find a way to get a gun. 

And in her being Obama’s term three, Hillary is a staunch supporter of legal access to abortions at any time in a pregnancy and will only appoint those to the Supreme Court who share her views. And it’s the Supreme Court and the possibility of her turning the High Court ‘blue’ that should scare conservatives and conscience voters the most for a liberal leaning court will stay in place for a generation or more with ‘In God We Trust’ relegated to second place behind the cry of ‘gimmee more free stuff.’

So while contentious arguments abound all over social media regarding this now officially Trump vs Hillary presidential race, and as the word ‘conscience’ has moved to center stage, I leave you dear reader with this…it has now come to light that it was Hillary Clinton herself who named Shahram Amiri...the ‘working’ for the U.S. Iranian nuclear scientist…in the newest batch of her exposed and released to the public emails...and who over this past weekend was executed by Iran for treason.

And so the ‘Butcher of Benghazi’s’ trail of blood continues to run as she sits back and says she…ooops…just had a simple ‘brain short-circuit’ moment. But I say she knew exactly what she was doing for like Obama her allegiances lie any and everywhere but with America and ‘We the People.’

So case closed in my eyes as to why Hillary Clinton must never become president and to why both Craig and I will now vote for Donald Trump…an imperfect candidate for sure but a candidate who now has afforded us our only chance of saving our republic…got a problem with that…I sincerely hope not as I now, as in the past, forever remain #neverhillary.


  1. In my case, I voted for Donald Trump because I believe he will do what he says and is beholden to nobody. Trump has grown the republican party and has increased its membership. Do you think any of the other 16 candidates could have done that?

    Trump is a breath of fresh air from all the establishment republicans. He isn't one to cower in the corner or afraid to give a politically incorrect statement to the press. Finally we have a MAN running again!

    He is correct to say we need to be careful who we let into our country. I think I heard you say...or somebody...that these muslims are not very bright. Years of inbreeding has taken a toll on their IQ levels. The new Somalis in Minnesota will become radicalized and kill Americans, but the libtards up there are so wrapped up in PC bullshit they can't say the obvious truth.

    YES...Trump is the only man who can straighten out the broken mess Obama and Clinton have left us. I can guarantee one thing: there will be a goddamned wall built and the Mexicans will pay for it!

    There were many good candidates (including Rubio), and one asshole (Ted Cruz), but they would not be able to defeat the Clinton Machine. Dr. Ben Carson was too soft spoken and nice, Huckleberry Hound (the dude from Arkansas - can't remember his name) couldn't beat her.

    You can tell your readers one thing that should make them shake in their boots. The Supreme Court is up for grabs. If Hillary wins we are screwed! No other thing should be in a conservative's mind other than that one thing.

    Off Topic: didn't Craig just move to Nebraska a couple of years ago? What...he doesn't like freezing his ass off...ha ha! At least he doesn't have to worry about the zika virus.

    1. Simply..with Trump we have a chance to save the America as the Republic we all know and love and Hillary's socialism will be the rule of the day. I will be voting for Trump.

  2. Diane you are very correct.

    Trump is the only choice for those who want a safe, prosperous and free America. He may not do everything we conservatives want, but he will probably do a lot.

    And Hillary will do nothing that we like. Hillary has been bought and paid for by foreign muslim money. She epitomizes the unholy alliance between the socialist/communist/liberal/progressive gang called the Democrat Party and the Islamists.

    Both of these groups are Enemies of Freedom, and vary only in the type of Totalitarianism they would like to establish in America.

    Never Hillary should be the mantra of every American in this election.