Sunday, August 6, 2017

Facebook Will Auto-Load Related Headlines to Debunk ‘Fake News’
Is this a two way street? Will Facebook show “related news” to left-wing news stories? You can be sure it won’t. As this article makes clear, Facebook’s “fact-checkers” are all leftist ideologues who consider facts that the left hates (such as news about jihad activity) to be “fake news.” This is just more of the large-scale program to shut down all voices that dissent from the hard-left line.

“Facebook Will Auto-Load Related Headlines to Debunk ‘Fake News,’” by Charlie Nash, Breitbart, August 4, 2017 (thanks to Todd):

Facebook is rolling out a “related articles” section that will appear below popular stories and those that are deemed to be “fake news,” according to a report.

Shared articles that Facebook’s fact-checking partners deem to be fake news will now include links to the fact-check below the post.

“Appearing before someone reads, Related Articles will surface links to additional reporting on the same topic to provide different view points, and to truthiness reports from the fact checkers,” reported TechCrunch. “If users see drastically different angles when they compare a story to its Related Articles, they might deem it suspicious and skip it, be less likely to believe or share it, or could click through the Related Articles and make up their own mind.”

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