Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Center Hit Piece on Robert Spencer Encourages Mob Suppression of Free Speech


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) seeks to silence and marginalize all who encourage legitimate discourse on the ideology that motivates the savagery of jihad. Their spurious attacks on The Geller Report are well documented. Ms. Geller has stated their goal succinctly: “For years I have warned that SPLC uber-left hate machine [has] one objective and one objective only: to destroy people who reject leftism, socialism, and collectivism.”

Thusly another in a long line of hit pieces from the SPLC attempts to ostracize our friend Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch after his visit to Stanford University. (See “Stanford: Fascist students stage walkout at Robert Spencer event, administration bars others wanting to enter,” Jihad Watch 11/15/17.) Naturally, a full and complete rebuttal to the SPLC piece could very realistically extend into a doctoral thesis-length publication. Sadly, consumers of SPLC propaganda are unlikely to read our commentary herein, let alone a lengthy discourse which could shatter the leftist groupthink bubble they live in. Therefore, we engage in a brief examination of the SPLC attack upon Mr. Spencer to remind Geller Report readers that we not only have to be informed counter-jihadists, we need to be fully informed about those “advocacy groups” that seek to silence us.

For our purposes, we need only highlight the SPLC’s opening paragraph:

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