Thursday, January 4, 2018

PHOTOS: ISIS at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and at World Trade Center

Of course they are taunting us. And why not? We elected a mayor who dismantled critical counter-terror programs, which led to the mass murder of eight people on Halloween. Of course, more is coming. Perhaps jihad-aligned Mayor de Blasio can ask his terror pal Linda Sarsour for a sit-down with these “misunderstood” savages.

COPS are hunting alleged Islamic state supporters who took selfies on the streets of New York alongside ISIS logos.

Among the chilling images is a recruit holding a phone bearing the terror group’s flag in the shadow of the rebuilt World Trade Center.

‘ISIS selfie’ at Met stirs NYPD probe

The New York Daily News, January 3, 2019:

The NYPD is investigating images of what appears to be ISIS supporters taking selfies outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in view of One World Trade Center.

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