Saturday, March 30, 2019

Highest Percentage Of Households Reporting Income Gains Since 1966

Highest Percentage Of Households Reporting Income Gains Since 1966People's Pundit Daily reports that March is shaping up to be a stellar economic month and that most households since 1966 are reporting income gains.

"Middle and lower income households more frequently reported income gains than last month, although income gains were still widespread among upper income households,” Richard Curtain, chief economist for the Survey of Consumers told PPD staff. “Indeed, the last time a larger proportion of households reported income gains was in 1966.”

Likewise, "consumer confidence rebounded in March to 98.4 from last month’s 93.8, slightly above the average of 97.2 recorded in the past 26 months."

These numbers could continue to rise in the wake of the Mueller report recommending no indictments for President Donald Trump and his campaign associates. "Finally, it should be noted that too few interviews were conducted following the summary release of the Mueller report to have any impact on the March data; if there is any, it may affect the April data,” Mr. Curtain added.

At last night's campaign rally in Grand Rapids, the president hinted that the economy will be a top selling poin for his reelection campaign. "We've embarked on an unprecedented economic revival...America is now the hottest economy anywhere on the planet Earth," he said to a raucous crowd.

As noted by Fox News, "According to a CNN poll, 71 percent of Americans say the nation's economy is in good shape and 51 percent give Trump positive reviews for his handling of the economy."

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