Wednesday, June 12, 2019

George Soros Investing Millions in Prosecutor/Criminal Justice Races

He’s targeting local races. Looking for an end run around rule of law.


Soros Implementing His Radical Leftist Agenda by Investing in Criminal Justice



For many years leftist billionaire George Soros has used his wealth to remake our society. His latest area of focus is criminal justice. From Texas to Philadelphia to Virginia, Soros has reportedly spent millions in backing candidates for district attorneys or prosecutors.

By Sara Carter

“Philadelphia is the laboratory where this experiment of Soros funded prosecutors is playing out,” said William McSwain the US Attorney for Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Tucker Carlson Show. “Now the returns are in. Larry Krasner, the Philadelphia District Attorney has been in office for about a year and half, funded by Mr. Soros, and we can look at the data and we can see what is happening to Philadelphia, where homicides have skyrocketed, shooting have skyrocketed, the worst types of violent crimes have really gone up...

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