Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Old Tweet From Biden's WH Chief of Staff Pick Which Will Not Defuse Suspicions About Rigged Elections  

Well, by now, you know that longtime Democratic operative Ron Klain has been tapped to lead Joe Biden’s White House. I mean, we still have legal challenges to go through, we still have ballots to count, and we still have voter fraud inquiries to answer, but if all else fails, Klain will be the next White House Chief of Staff. Klain was Al Gore’s Chief of Staff and later spearheaded the legal effort in the 2000 Florida recount. 
Okay, enough backstory. Let’s flash-forward to now. We have scores of allegations about voter fraud, ballots being illegally backdated, and dead people showing up to vote. This has all the makings of a rigged election. And if the Biden camp wants to defuse the tension in this area, well, maybe Klain should go into the basement with the former VP because an old 2014 tweet will certainly not lower the temperature on this front. Klain commented on a Vox tweet from July of 2014, which discussed a poll that found that 68 percent of Americans felt that elections were rigged. 

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