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Houston...We Have a Voter Fraud Problem
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

"It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes."                                                     - words some attribute to Joseph Stalin...words quite apropos today

Voter fraud findings are now everywhere not just on the national level but on state and local levels as well. And the act of voter fraud lies not just with the ballots cast, but also with a news media so entrenched in Democrat rhetoric that they have become the purveyors of partisan one-sided reporting. Now deeming themselves powerful enough to be the deciders of who won the 2020 presidential race...a race they had no legally authority to call...a race contested and now in the courts...the truth is that the media itself is committing fraud of sorts for how can an election, especially a presidential election, be fair when when one candidate is always portrayed by said media as a hero while the other candidate they always portray as the devil incarnate.

So now as President Trump's campaign files and sees their lawsuits working their up through the courts, one has to wonder why we're seeing a repeat of the “hanging chad" fiasco that became the hallmark of the 2000 presidential election. And why can be summed up in a few words...if a Democrat presidential candidate cannot win the race legitimately they'll try to do so by voter fraud. And voter fraud has become the calling card of this presidential election as well, and that can easily be seen in the fact that only the Democrats are against voter ID cards; legal ballots alone being cast; as well having both parties present when ballots are verified, tabulated, and of course certified. And only the Democrat candidate himself has been the recipient of “suddenly found” ballots turning what was a “red state” blue as it hasn't, to date, been the other way around. 

And when the Democrat candidate says for all to hear that “I don't need you to get elected,” red flags should have gone up immediately for he, candidate Joe Biden, just admitted with those words that fraud was indeed going to be his “pathway to victory.”


And but one example of a Biden “pathway to victory” can easily be seen in this red flag for in the battleground state of Michigan, where on election night President Trump was the projected winner, as the tallies were being finalized Joe Biden saw his numbers jump from 4,261,878 to 4,400,217, after 138,339 new ballots were “suddenly found” and added into said count. And what's odd about this is that every single one of those ballots found went to Joe Biden with not a one going to President Trump nor to any of the other four presidential candidates...the popular Green Party candidate included. And that folks is a statistical impossibility, but an impossibly that clearly shows, to me anyway, that when Biden needed votes the votes somehow magically appeared.

Now here lets backtrack a bit and note that in the final few weeks leading up to the election the Democrat party filed hundreds of lawsuits in many key states... including in the battleground eliminate mail-in and absentee ballot due as to allow those ballots to be submitted after Election Day. And we all know they were successful in many states including in the hotly contested state of Pennsylvania. And herein lies the main problem for in Pennsylvania as well as in North Carolina...and in other states...the fact is that a given state's legislature can extend the deadline for absentee ballots and set the rules, because they're fully empowered and have the authority to do so under the Constitution. But here's the catch...state officials do not have such authority, and if a given state's Board of Elections extended said deadline for mail-in and absentee ballots for more than a week after the election, they are indeed in direct violation of state laws as set by their state's legislature, something that is most definitely unconstitutional and surely needs to be addressed before any electoral certification of the vote takes place.

And lets not forget that since October or maybe even before in some states, millions of mail-in ballots have been “floating around” if you will, with all being susceptible to being tampered with especially when you compare their numbers to both early in-person voting and Election Day voting where in most cases the voter goes through some sort of photo ID-check process before casting their ballot. And don't think for a minute that President Trump didn't know that this 2020 go-round was ripe for fraud because he did, especially after having Hillary Clinton trying to pull similar shenanigans back in 2016.

In fact, in 2016 both the Director of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence stated that U.S. elections are very hard to “hack” because they're “decentralized”...meaning our system is comprised of many types of machines and thousands of separate election offices operating under 51 sets of state laws (this includes Puerto Rico). But President Trump, being the smart man that he is, knew that what is hard to do is not necessarily impossible to do, so in early 2018 he tasked the Department of Homeland Security with the job of implementing actions to secure both our election system and the very process itself from being tampered or interfered with by both foreign and/or domestic “actors.” And this task included having DHS help state and local authorities bolster their defenses against cyber operatives targeting our elections. And while the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were also tasked with investigating and disrupting any threats to our election system, after what has come to light regarding former and some still key players in the now compromised FBI, I wouldn't be surprised if these parties did not actually play a part in the current voter fraud set-up even if it was just to look away as fraud was being committed.

And please remember that voter fraud is simply about numbers and said numbers can easily be manipulated by those savvy in computer mechanics. Enter Dominion Voter Systems, a Denver-based Canadian Crown Agent company, who according to its co-founder John Poulus, who founded the company in 2003 on three “pillars”...those being security, accessibility, and finds itself being the ground zero element used to perpetrate what is in reality electronic assisted voter fraud. And while the creators of the system might never have suspected their system would be compromised as it was, the fact remains that Dominion is directly linked to the anything but “glitch,” which caused roughly 6,000 Trump votes to be credited to Biden in Antrim County, Michigan. And know that Dominion is also used in 62 other Michigan counties as well. And in Georgia, the same techno “glitch” halted voting in Morgan and Spalding counties after Dominion's electronic devices “crashed,” thus seeing Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extending voting until 11p.m.

Houston, we do indeed have a problem especially with the Dominion system.

Now know that as of September 2019, the Dominion system was being used in 2,000 jurisdictions in 33 U.S. states and Puerto Rico; with said system also having been used during the highly volatile 2016 election also rife with claims of fraud. And unknown to many is that the Dominion system has a long history of allegation of election rigging and interference not just here in the U.S. but in other countries as well. In fact, India has accused Dominion of census data theft which directly affected their recent elections, and in the U.S. the Dominion system was rejected three times by data communications experts from the Texas Secretary of State and Attorney General’s Office for failing to meet basic security standards...a red flag warning if ever there was one.

But here's where it starts to get real interesting, for Dominion also “got into trouble” with several of its subsidiaries regarding cases of fraud. One such subsidiary of Dominion is Smartmatic, a company “that has played a significant role in the U.S. market over the last decade,” as per a report in AccessWire. Saying that Smartmatic “glitches” impacted the 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections in of all places the Philippines, raised serious questions of cheating and fraud with an independent review finding that the software inventory provided by Dominion subsidiary Smartmatic to be “inadequate,” which brought into question the software's credibility. And if “inadequacies” exist in one country they're sure to exist in others as well. 

(A must watch video...a video on how votes can be electronically changed.)


But it gets even more interesting because Smartmatic’s chairman, a man by the name of Mark Malloch, is a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, leaving me to wonder why and who allowed Smartmatic's parent company Dominion to ever be connected with anything regarding our elections. And why...because we all know that anything even remotely connected to George Soros has an agenda that reeks of virulent left wing, anti-Americanism.

And here's two other little somethings...coincidences perhaps but quite a bit unnerving nevertheless. First, Dominion made a one-time philanthropic “commitment” (“commitment” to what, who, or how much exactly is the question) at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in September 2014 and second, a former aide to Nancy Pelosi on numerous occasions represented Dominion as a lobbyist before Congress. Now add this into the convoluted mix...remember Hillary Clinton announced her run for the presidency on April 12, 2015 which, for me, is just months after Dominion's “commitment” which led me to try and find out which company's machines were used in the 2016 election. And folks this is what I of September 2016, Election Systems & Software (ES&S) served 80 million registered voters, Dominion Voting Systems 70 million, American Hart InterCivic 20 million, and smaller companies less than 4 million each. But Dominion was the system used in the 2016 battleground states just as it is the system being used in the 2020 battleground states.

Maybe I'm in the weeds here as I'm not a conspiracy sort, but something just doesn't seem right not with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina having been battleground states in 2016 as they are now, and with all having some vote tallying issues during that election as well (remember Hillary challenged the vote in those states). And most if not all those states were using the Dominion Voting System...the very company whose founder made the above stated “commitment”...the very company maybe now trying to “right” a promised wrong.

So where do we stand as I write President Trump any closer to ending Joe Biden's and the liberal media's claim that he is the presumptive president-elect? To start with, the election remains contested and won't be “officially called” until December 14th when the electors cast their votes as, hopefully, all recounts should be done by then. Also, this week the Trump campaign filed a federal lawsuit in Michigan over fraud allegations...which includes sworn affidavits...and that GOP officials were blocked from viewing vote counting; Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger formally ordered his state's election officials to do a “hand audit” of presidential election ballots; and it was found that the fraud in Pennsylvania runs deeper than first believed with more than 100,000 absentee ballots having both highly questionable return dates and/or just the presidential box being filled in. And a full quarter of those same questionable ballots arrived to be counted earlier than the date on which they were actually sent...imagine that. And yet the Democrats still claim that no voter fraud took place...anybody got some swamp land to sell.

But not all this week has been bad news what with Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan winning reelection thus giving Republicans 50 seats in Senate, and with President Trump finally adding North Carolina to his column of wins. But no matter the happenings this week the old saying, “It ain't over until the fat lady sings,” holds true for as far as the 2020 presidential election is concerned the fat lady isn't even close to singing. Case closed.

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