Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rising gas prices...manipulation of the first degree!
By: Diane Sori

I wonder who Obama thinks he's kidding when he bloviates that oil speculators are the ones we should blame for the rising price of gas at the pumps.  The truth is that the blame rests clearly on him, his muslim brethren, and his ridiculous 'Green Energy' initiatives.

Obama refuses to realize, or worse yet...he just doesn’t care that there’s plenty of oil and natural gas here in the US and that we don’t need to waste time concentrating on his diversionary ‘green energy’ initiatives.  We need to remove ourselves from dependency on foreign oil by drilling here and drilling now.  You know it, I know it, and Obama damn well knows it but could care less!

‘Green energy’ continues to be forced down our throats, even though Obama and crew know it’s very difficult to generate the quantities of electricity needed to service American homes and businesses using ‘green energy.’  Obama knows ‘green energy’ sources, like solar, wind, and hydro power, can in NO way now or ever come close to the energy produced through fossil fuels nor can it ever meet our ever increasing demands for energy, and he doesn't care.

Obama knows ‘green energy’ is unreliable and unpredictable and relies on Mother Nature as its power source, and he knows that no one can predict the weather.  He knows solar collectors need clear skies and sunshine to collect heat to make electricity; he knows wind turbines need suitable wind to turn the blades; and he knows hydro generators need rain to fill dams to supply flowing water.  Obama knows what happens when the weather doesn’t co-operate...NO power is generated is what happens and he doesn’t care.

Obama knows that the cost of green technology is way higher than that of traditional fossil fuel generation.  He knows that any new technology has an extremely high capital outlay cost needed for set-up.  Obama knows he wasted millions of our taxpayer dollars on Solandra, a company that went belly-up...he might choose to forget that but it’s guaranteed that ‘We the People’ won’t because while Obama doesn’t care, we do!

Obama knows it’s NOT oil speculators who are driving up the price of gas at the pump.  He knows it’s his costly, useless, green energy initiatives that are funneling away needed dollars that should be going into drilling here and drilling now.  Obama knows that every time he blindly agrees to pay the price per barrel of oil his muslim brethren set, he and they are laughingly holding the American people hostage at the pumps...and he could care less.

And why is’s because Obama wants gas prices to go even higher this summer so then right before the election he and his muslim brethren oil sheiks can manipulate the gas prices down so Obama can say 'see how wonderful I am, see what I did for you.  Now re-elect me and I’ll do more for you.’

Yeah right...Obama will do more for sure, like sell us out completely to those out to kill us!

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