Thursday, May 3, 2012

Important message from the concerning Congressman Allen West

Dear Patriot,

We've launched our Allen West Defense Fund because the left is dead set on defeating Rep. West in November. There are some on the left who say they'd happily give up any chance to regain the House of Representatives if they could guarantee Allen West's defeat!

We refuse to let that happen. Conservatives in this country have no greater defender in Congress than Rep. Allen West. He's leading the charge against the socialist-leaning policies of the Democrat Party, he calls the communists in the Progressive Caucus exactly what they are, and he even tells those who hate America and undermine our troops to sit down and shut up!

Just this week, a liberal, San Francisco-based Super PAC opened a "Take Down Allen West" headquarters in Rep. West's district. They've already raised $1.2 million, they have four paid staffers on the ground, and they send video trackers to every Allen West event in hopes of using a quote out of context (one of the left's favorite tricks!).

Friends, they say if they're shooting at you, you know you're doing something right. Allen West is taking fire from the left because he's a leader in Congress and he stands up to the lies of the left. He speaks the truth and liberals can't stand it!

We are going to spend $1 million in defense of Allen West, and we're going to spend it in the most effective way possible. We're going to launch our broadcast ads in the final weeks of the campaign, and between now and then we are going to focus on grassroots mobilization, cutting edge internet campaigns, and robo-calls to combat the left's lies.

We need patriots like you to stand up with us in defense of Allen West. We've set a fundraising goal of $20,000 by May 15 for the Allen West Defense Fund, and I know we can get there if you make a donation today. 
Click here to donate:
Allen West has been there for us, and now it's time for us to be there for him. Make your donation to defend this great patriot

Bryan Shroyer
Executive Director

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