Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rep. Issa...please say it isn’t so! 
By: Diane Sori

Another Republican seems to have caved as this past Friday Rep. Darrell Issa said he is willing to postpone Wednesday’s contempt of Congress vote against Eric Holder if he turns over the asked for additional documents that were subpoenaed months ago, regarding Fast and Furious and its aftermath.

Holder said the information he is ‘willing to turn over’ will answer the remaining questions Rep. Issa and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have, yet he has NOT said if he will or won’t turn over everything demanded.

He is ‘willing to turn over’ other words Eric Holder will decide, NOT Darrel Issa, what will be turned over.  This stalling tactic, if successful, will show the world just what a bunch of spineless cowards this Committee and Congress is as Holder thumbs his nose at our rules of law and shows his total contempt for our Constitution, as he buys the time needed to destroy incriminating documents.

Mission accomplished in Holder’s eyes while Rep. Issa seems to have forgetten that there is NO compromising on a subpoena, period.

At the heart of all this is the issue that agents involved in Fast and Furious did indeed rely on gun-walking, which is basically letting illicitly purchased guns to be transported to Mexico instead of them being intercepted in an effort to track them back to major arms-traffickers.

Holder continues to insist that he and the DOJ knew nothing about this operation until it was exposed when one of the untracked guns showed up at the murder scene of Border Agent Brian Terry.

To this I say bull, as Holder has changed his story at least nine times while on the stand during the 18 months this investigation has logged so far.  Holder’s testimony before Congress is filled with nothing but lies, subterfuge, and stalling tactics, and now suddenly after going forward with guns a ’blazing (just had to say that) Rep. Issa is willing to postpone the contempt charges while Holder plays him like a fiddle.

Give me a freakin’ break! 

Rep. Issa is falling for Eric Holder's stalling tactics hook, line, and sinker...or did someone ‘get to him’...or better yet is Issa just plain out and out afraid of the repercussions Holder’s downfall could bring?  And by that I mean that Obama and his minions will claim that Issa went after Holder simply because he’s black.
After all, Obama successfully played (or so he thinks) the immigration card on Friday so now it’s time to turn the game back to the race card.

If fear is indeed at the heart of Rep. Issa’s backing down then we are in BIG trouble.  Obama and his minions know that fear of the race card is our Achilles heel, as NO Republican to date has followed through from beginning to end on any charges brought against Obama or any of his minions for fear of that race card being used against them. 

Now listen up people...we have NO time to deal with or placate these cowards at this point in the game.  They either have the courage to stand by their convictions, and if NOT then they need to get out of the game.  We need people on this Committee and in Congress who will stand up to the corruption coming out of this White House and not be afraid of the consequences, because the consequences are never as bad as the other side tries to scare us into believing they will be.

Eric Holder will continue to do everything he can to drag this investigation out as long as possible to make it go past the November elections.  Holder will play the shell game and release just enough exculpatory information as bait while still holding back the important damaging and incriminating evidence (like he knew all along the nature of what was going on).  Holder will throw Issa a bone, pick it up, and throw it again and again as he has the last laugh at how well he’s played Issa all along.

Eric Holder, and this entire Obama administration, will keep getting away with illegal and unconstitutional acts unless ‘We the People’ stand up and demand that those on this Committee bring contempt charges against Holder on Wednesday as planned, because if they let the Wednesday deadline go by without bringing said charges they never will.  

You know it, I know it, and Eric Holder is counting on it.


  1. We don't have much time to act.
    Let's move it.

    1. where do you suggest we move to ? any other action can be interpreted as criminal, by the criminality occupying our nation, destroying it rapidly. Our Academic Caste System gives these hoodlems credentials, these crooked ballot boxes fill our nation-city-county-state-federal offices with pseudoelectorates, nd thir appointees, using affirmative action in law, they now see an opportunity to react the mandella/mugabe routine. resulting in endless death and a nation without hope---all legal like--we are a nation practicing slavery, the slavers take the money, the rest become virtual slaves. the chinese slaves get 3.8 cents for every dollar the poverty stricken american earns, we have a long road into the 3rd world, but do the math, soon only the black will have authority all legal like, and they won't change, mostly

  2. Exactly! Wednesday was the date set for the contempt charges to be filed and on Wednesday they MUST be filed!

  3. WHY are these members of Congress SO WEAK??? TAKE A STAND, Rep. Issa! That is what We, the People, ELECTED YOU TO DO!!!

    1. And all members of Congress who back down to Holder MUST be voted out when they come up for re-election!

  4. When I heard he will turn them over I knew there was some coniving going on behind closed doors and again perhaps I wasn't so wrong after all how sad.

    1. It is sad and who knows, maybe 'they' got to Issa but we'll know for sure come Wednesday.

  5. lawyers go into politics to have a go at the lobbie cash, and green fees. the constitution, or doing the right thing is not on the agenda of most lawyrs, judges, politicians, etc. they steal enough money to move onto international citizenery, storing enough cash to inculde the option of buying citizenship, in a large number of nations, who have no extradition with america, using this as an opportunity to attract citizens with money to their sandy shores where it never snows, The same goes for our legal-medical-insurancefraud-extortion mini mafia, prison economy, financial industry where las vegas ethics rule. Most of our security agencies are micromanaged by czars, and other criminals who assign security forces to meaningless laws imposed on common america where all levels of politicians see common america like a herd of goats, feeding on us. The youth of today, self educated on the internet, have elevated their magnitudes of literacy magnitudes above our ruling class, the world over, they see the concealed Nobility having emerged installing a one world power, where they have no hope, opportunity, chance to elevate their quality of life, and see well the plight of most people-so-anarchy, growing exponentially, as most kids simply want to do the right things by everyone, unless their subculture is ruled by beasts, ruining their mentality. The world wide information revolution, where information is doubling every few years that used to take centuries have created a now teen early 20's generation of youth really serious about change, exposed when they piciketee NYSE peacefully, simply asking for their jobs returned to america, against slavery believing we should have an opportunity to make in america what america consumes were hosed down, peppered sprayed, beaten, jailed, they ar eastly superior in intellect, and simply walked away. A time is soon coming when strange things will began to happen, no one will claim responsibility and discovery will disclose nothing, the rule There is no Crime if you can't descride it " will come to pass, one of the first groups, beganning in san salvador, where the elitest throw food away as street people are starving, a club rules that if you do not belone to you cannot join, Began MS 13, the worlds 1st organized gang of anarchists, forming chapter stealthfully, throughout the world. and almost as quickly as they appeared, they became more powerful than any other gang in this world, disrespect them, and cease life, the simple rule of respect, ignored, by gangs like; bloods, crips, russian mafia, satens deciples and hundreds if not thousands of gangs where respect is not honored, fall when faced by MS 13, and its only the beginning, a very recent happening. eventually as they become older. the realm of judicial authority, lawmakers, politics, will suddenly begin to see strange things happen, where they have no explanation, of the disappearance or sudden death of their vast realm of slavery and criminality--and as in the past anarchy has always destroyed Nobility, because of the simple natural law of respect, arising from a higher form of logic and ethics, as the world begans again without criminality at the helm---led by the spirit of truth