Monday, July 16, 2012

George W. Bush had it right all along
 By: Diane Sori

OK, let’s cut to the chase...George W. Bush was right all along about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), they just moved them to Syria.

As Syria continues its slaughter of innocent civilians some US officials, including Barack Hussein Obama, are down playing or outright ignoring the threat Syria poses to Israel, Turkey, and Jordan.  Little known, as it’s conveniently NOT being reported by the media, is that on July 8th Syria test-fired missiles against all three countries in a simulated attack of outside aggression in air-and-sea exercises.  This action follows Iran’s practice of continuous military simulated drills done to prepare for possible Western and Israeli attacks against them.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has always denied having weapons of mass destruction but it’s well known that he has huge stockpiles of mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, and cyanide.  It’s also known that right before the official start of the Iraq War that transport trucks were seen and photographed going back and forth between Iraq and Syria.  And it’s a fact that these are the very same type of chemical gasses that Saddam Hussein used against the Kurds in northern Iraq.

Two and two still equals four in my world, and if the liberals and Bush haters in this country had instead supported Bush in his assertions that there were indeed WDMs in Iraq then being transported to Syria, the world would not be facing and having to deal with a possible chemical attack by yet another madman.  

And with Syria being one of eight countries, including Israel and Egypt, that did not join the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, this means the world's Chemical Weapons Watchdog Groups have no jurisdiction or authority to intervene or even request permission from Syria to enter the country to see if the reports of them having WMDs are true or not.

But we all know they’re true and we all know madmen do NOT live by rules of civilized people nor do they follow the Geneva Convention’s ‘humane rules of war.’

So while Obama and his ilk feel Assad is only keeping these weapons from falling into terrorist hands, we know this is NOT the truth, as some believe Assad is actually preparing for ethnic cleansing. Reports have surfaced that chemical weapons have already been transferred to Homs, Latakia and Aleppo in preparation for use against Christian and other minorities.

But truth be told, are they being readied for use against their own or are they being readied for use against strategic targets in the Middle East, including Syria’s sworn enemy Israel.  Either option is obviously bad but Israel especially needs to prepare for surface-to-surface missile attacks as Syria has joined Iran in swearing to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people.

And now we need to prepare also, as American warships have silently and under the preverbal radar entered waters off Syria and Israel.  And add into the mix that Russia continues to supply Syria with missiles, including supersonic cruise missiles that can deliver chemical warheads in addition to their vow to stop all foreign military action against the Assad regime, and with NATO (useless that they are) proclaiming they will NOT get involved in the Syrian conflict, you have one serious situation all the way around.

And all because people in our country thought George W. Bush to be a fool and war monger.  But like I said before, Bush was right along and history will prove this so.  Unfortunately, as a consequence of these naysayers many lives will be lost, lives that did not have to be if people had listened to Bush in the first place and then let our military act accordingly with the full unhindered fire power that was at their disposal.

Oh how I wish George W. Bush was still our president instead of the traitorous usurper that currently inhabits the White House.


  1. George W. Bush was not a classic movement conservative, although thankfully for us, he was more conservative than his father. If he had at least vetoed a spending bill or two, and had gotten more attention drawn to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and their part in creating the housing bubble, a sanctimonious opportunist like Barack HUSSEIN Obama would never be in the White House. Bush's biggest mistake of all was to not actively push back hard against all the libelous accusations hurled against him. Bush and Obama, what a stark contrast in the quality of the men. You're dead on Diane.

    1. Thanks, and I so agree agree with you on the quality of is a true patriot and a gentleman of honor, the other is a lying usurping traitor whose sole mission is to destroy our beloved country.

  2. Just an FYI, President GW Bush did push 3 Times, read that 3 Times to get a bill thru to stop the Frank Dodd Bill. The Dems blocked each time.

    1. You are absolutely right. Once the House went blue Bush had NO chance of getting anything done.