Monday, July 16, 2012

Democrats’Coordinated Attacks Target Allen West and Effective Conservatives

By Javier Manjarres / The Shark Tank

The Shark Tank recently reported that a George Soros-backed SuperPAC named “Dump West” was being formed to specifically target Congressman Allen West (Source-Soros SuperPAC

Now there is talk about a new ‘SuperPAC forming, that could possibly have Islamic Fundamentalist ties. More on this later this week.

Much as they have previously done to Governor Sarah Palin, West and others, effective conservatives are taking fire from liberal activists who clearly perceive the threat that their candidacies pose.  Fellow South Florida Congressional candidate Karen Harrington, has been the target of the same kind of campaign aimed at defeating Congressman West, only Soros backed SuperPAC’s are not involved, at least not yet.
The Democrat ‘Operation Chaos’

In Congressman West’s Republican primary race, Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder is  suspected of being a plant, and simply in the race to try to distract and attempt to hurt West. Crowder has gone as far as to urge Democrats to switch their voter registration to Republcan, and vote for him. Crowder also supported liberal democrat Gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink in 2010, over Governor Rick Scott. (Source- Democrat Plant?)

West has been attacked with false accusations on mailers and has been the target of an active campaign to disrupt his events and meetings. This was done attempted in 2010, but West was still able to beat incumbent Democrat Congressman, Ron Klein.

In Harrington’s case, the political operatives who assisted in the leaking of the ‘Dump West’ SuperPAC memos are also suggesting that there are two Democrat-backed or actual ‘plants’ installed in Harrington’s primary race. 

The goal is to split the Republican primary vote so that one of those two will either win or allow another weaker candidate to win in hopes of diminishing Harrington’s chances against Wasserman Schultz.  

The two suggested candidates that are suspected as plants are Ozzie deFaria and Gineen Bresso.

deFaria has focused his attacks on Harrington with an anti-Harrington website that is completely unsubstantiated- this comes after his infamous “Dog Collar” campaign against Wasserman Schultz that was truly cringe-worthy and gave Democrats the opportunity to paint the entire GOP as misogynists and extremists.  In addition, deFaria has loaned his campaign $406K of the $619K he boasts to have raised, as he has been unable to raise much money from outside contributors.

The same operatives, and now Republican officials are asking themselves how someone like deFaria, who “has a history of Domestic Violence and was arrested in 2006 for Repeat Violence and Battery would even attempt at running for Congress as a Republican.” One Romney advisor has already sounded the alarm to the National Republican Committee, and even U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has scoffed at deFaria’s candidacy. (Source-deFaria Arrest)

Gineen Bresso, the other suspected prant, is truly running a stealth campaign. Bresso is only showing $12,563 cash on hand, and she’s rarely been seen in the district not has she gained any significant traction. While Bresso seems to be a very nice woman with some promise, why is she running for Congress by avoiding media and the constituents she seeks to represent?  I don’t think she is a Democrat plant, simply an ambitious politico looking to build her profile.

 The Wasserman Schultz Connection

Congressman Allen West’s and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s public scuffles have attracted a great deal of attention.  Wasserman Schultz’ own ‘tea party’ event in front of West’s 2010 congressional office saw the congresswoman openly insulted West by saying “he think’s it’s ok to objectify and denigrate women.”  She then falsely attacked West on the floor of the House in 2011, claiming that West was increasing costs for Medicare beneficiaries. West responded in an email by calling her “vile and despicable” which in turn caused a backlash against West.

Fox News later squashed the issue when they aired a Shark Tank video from Wasserman Schultz’s event that showed her picking the fight. After all of the Sunday morning talk shows aired the video, the story died on following  Monday morning.
 He thinks it’s OK to objectify and denigrate women.”- Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Source)
Wasserman Schultz has quietly been keeping tabs on Harrington. In December of 2011, the Politico called out the Shark Tank and Univision by suggesting that we colluded against Wasserman Schultz. In Univision’s interview of Wasserman Schultz, the Congresswoman was asked if her seat was safe in spite of the fact that Harrington was running against her again and had won nearly  40% of the vote in the 2010 general election against her. What is not known is that Wasserman Schultz sent over a scathing letter to Univision complaining about the matter, citing Harrington by name.(Source-Breitbart)

A few weeks later, in comes the Politico. No sooner than the Politico posts go up, a Politifact article on one of Karen Harrington’s statements about Wasserman Schultz is published. Politifact gave Harrington a “False” rating for misspeaking about Wasserman Schultz’s claim that it was Bush’s fault Hamas rose to political power.(Source-Politifact)

Wasserman Schultz’s people then pitched the Politifact story to CNN, who declined to run it.

Harrington has gained national attention of late by calling on Wasserman Schultz to release her own tax records.  Wasserman Schultz has repeated called for GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney release his past tax returns, but she has yet to disclose her own. (Source-Fox News)

These desperate measures taken to defeat conservative Republican candidates by Democrats and their surrogates, will most likely fail as they have in the past. It’s time for all Republicans to see throught the lies and misrepresentations by these liberal operatives and support the conservatives who are on the targets of these attacks.

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