Friday, October 19, 2012

Way to go KAREN...

Karen Harrington Supports Commuting the Life Sentence of Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard

Davie, Florida- Republican congressional candidate Karen Harrington traveled to Butner, North Carolina, to meet with a group of Rabbi's and other Jewish-American leaders, who had organized a trip to the Federal prison where the American-Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence for espionage.

Harrington wanted to personally meet with Pollard to hear why he feels his sentence should be commuted. Harrington's scheduled meeting with Pollard lasted 2 hours.

Pollard told Harrington that he was disappointed that the U.S. had not honored the Israeli request to commute his sentence. Israel is a strong ally of the United States and has requested that the U.S. commute Pollard’s sentence and allow him to live in Israel for the remainder of his life.

Pollard spoke to Harrington about the plea agreement that was in place that had him only serving approximately 10 years in prison, but that a judge negated the agreement and instead gave him a life sentence. The two discussed his physical condition, in which Pollard said that the medical care in the prison was sub-par, and that prison officials did not respect medical complaints, and discounted these requests as efforts by the inmates to try to get out of incarceration.

In discussing Karen Harrington's congressional race, Mr. Pollard came across well versed with her race, and said that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was "godless and a disgrace to the Jewish race."

“While I do not condone the criminal acts that Mr. Pollard committed, I feel that our government must take another look at Mr. Pollard's case, and consider commuting the remaining three years of his 30 year sentence.”-Karen Harrington

Karen Harrington joins Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Henry Kissinger and other ranking Israeli and American officials in asking that Jonathan Pollard's sentence be commuted. 

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  1. Just learned she visited a convicted spy/traitor in prison and called for his release. I am a Republican in her district and she just lost my vote!

  2. Many of asked for Pollard's release because he was convicted on FALSE charges. NOTHING wrong with KAREN meeting with him to find out the facts for herself.