Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A must...keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill
By: Diane Sori

Yesterday while 'Prince Harry' announced that the so-called 'assault weapons ban' will NOT be part of the gun control legislation the Senate will be discussing next month (even though Diane Feinstein says she will try to get the ban as an amendment), Obama let it be known that he will indeed support the UN Treaty to Restrict Arms, which we all know would be used to regulate 'We the People's' firearms.

So while we firearm owners won one battle another looms (thanks to our Constitution trampling Traitor-in Chief) but what everyone still does NOT want to discuss is that here in America the biggest offenders of existing firearms laws are the mentally ill.

As Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice-president says, “it's still too easy for criminals and the dangerously ill to get their hands on guns.”

How right he is as both Congress and state legislatures continue debating what should be no-brainer proposals for increased supervision of the mentally ill along with mandatory reporting of those seen as a danger to themselves or others. But what's NOT generally known is that over the past four years, thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, $4.35 billion was cut from Medicaid for mental-health funding, substance abuse, housing, and other mental-health programs at the state and federal level causing the system to be overburdened, so that the mentally ill are released back into our neighborhoods to put us in danger.

Remember, Obama has to be able to funnel dollars from somewhere into the freebies and handouts to keep his sheeple in line you know.

And while governors and lawmakers across the political spectrum, in the wake of Newtown, push for more dollars to help those with mental illness, especially in light of the fact that a major 2011 study shows that states that make it easier to treat people with mental illness have lower murder rates, the mentally ill are still legally able to purchase firearms in all 50 states.

And into this conundrum now comes Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R), a man who has been wrong on a lot of issues lately, who last week proposed legislation that would help keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, and on this particular issue I feel he is 'dead on'...and I use that term specifically because if something isn't done about the mentally ill securing firearms a lot more people will die.

And while I'm 100% in support of the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms, and I'm totally against the lefts so wanted gun control measures, including any universal background checks (which is simply a rouse to create a national gun registry so Obama can confiscate 'We the People's' firearms whenever he wants...or so he thinks), I strongly believe that firearms of any kind must be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill...for our safety and our children's safety.

Now I know all the bleeding heart liberals will say that the mentally ill have just as many rights as we do but I say the rights of the sane trump the rights of the mentally ill as we have the right to be safe from those whose very instability can cause us bodily harm...or worse. Add to that the fact that 80% of Americans support laws to prevent mentally ill people from purchasing guns, and it's obvious I'm NOT alone in my belief.

“I believe that the best way to interrupt the shooter is to have a mental health system that actually records and enters into the database people who should not be able to buy a gun,” Graham said.

Senator Graham's proposal addresses just that. Beginning with requiring that people deemed mentally ill be added to the National Instant Criminal Background System (the database for all new gun sales), Graham feels would be a start to keeping the general public safe as people with severe mental illness, like schizophrenia, are up to three times more likely to be violent. And 1,000 homicides or more a year are committed by people with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

Remember, most mass shooters, including the Virgina Tech shooter, the Aurora Movie Massacre shooter and the Newtown shooter were indeed mentally ill, and their families knew it and they were being treated to one degree or another yet they still were able to get the Aurora shooters case he bought them legally both in gun shops and online. Graham's proposal calls for individuals such as this to be added to the database along with those posing an imminent danger to themselves or others, those found guilty but mentally ill in a criminal case, those found guilty by reason of insanity, those found incompetent to stand trial, those committed to a psychiatric hospital or required to have psychiatric outpatient treatment...and these shooters met at least one if NOT more of these criteria.

According to Graham's proposal, those being banned from owning or purchasing firearms would be decided by the courts, and hopefully the many bleeding heart liberal judges currently presiding would realize that it's been proven that the rates of so-called 'gun violence' balances closely with the mentally ill having accessibility to firearms. 

And while Federal laws (some going back to 1968) currently mandate background checks to help keep convicted felons and people with mental illnesses from legally acquiring guns (no one can stop the illegal purchases), these restrictions only apply to firearms purchased by licensed dealers but NOT through private sales, and unfortunately, these records are NOT present in the federal database, because states aren't sharing enough information. Graham's proposal would help close that gap.

But I'd like to add one more thing to Senator Graham's proposal, and that is that any parent with a mentally ill child living in their home should have their firearms locked up at ALL times that child is present in the home. Twenty children and six adults might still be alive in Newtown today if that was the case. But please note that I said 'locked up' NOT surrender their firearms as that would violate the parent's Second Amendment rights.

And so the gun control debate rages on and hopefully fails on all accounts except for this issue with the mentally ill for as Florida Senator Marco Rubio says. “... Rolling back responsible citizens’ rights is not the proper response to tragedies committed by criminals and the mentally ill.”

How right he is and remember...guns don't kill people, people kill people...and only mentally ill people commit mass murder as NO sane person goes out to deliberately slaughter innocents.


  1. I have a novel idea for our government at every level of government. Police the Criminals and stop trampling rights and freedoms of the Law Abiding Citizens. Over 90 percent of all violent crimes, including murders with weapons from rocks to rifles and everything in between, are carried out by Inner City Thugs who are "wannabe Gangsts", the sort that Obama invites to the White House. Obama glamorizes the Gansta Thug Rappers who Inspire the Youth in the Inner Cities and elsewhere to be Killas of Cops and others, and mostly they just shoot up neighborhoods indiscriminately killing babies, kids, teens, the elderly and other innocent bystanders. If they want to have Serious Gun Control, start out by Policing the City Steets and getting The Thugs and their Illegally Obtained, Non-Registered Firearems off the streets. Well, we already know the answer as to why they will not Police the Thugs, those Thugs are Part of Obama and Farakhan's Army and also Double as Rent A Mobs to be used by Democrats for demonstrations, riots, looting, etc. and as voters who can vote numerous times at various locations without producing one piece of identification to do so. Policing the Law Abiding is actually about Disarming the Law Abiding so that they cannot defend themselves against the Street Thugs and the Official Black Suited, Armored and Armed Thugs who are on the Federal Payroll. That is what the UN wants and Obama does the bidding of the UN and not of the USA or We, The People. Obama is Public Enemy Number One, as he sells out USA Sovereignty to the UN, which is Headquarters and Capital City of the One World Order that Obama is ushering us into. He knows and the UN knows that when the UN decides to Strike Out At the USA to take us over, that We, The People who are Legally, Constitutionally Armed will put up Resistance when Foreign Forces step foot on USA soil with the aim of Policing, Arresting and otherwise Subjugating Us to the ONE World Order. This is no conspiracy theory. This is fact, and of course Obama or none of the other DC Criminals and Subversives will ever admit to the fact that this is exactly what is going on. Obama and the Congress have already Abandoned Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court has Upheld their Trampling of the Constitution as in a recent act of allowing Obama Care to Stand. Case Closed. And, it is only going to ge worse the longer these traitors are in power. And, they, come from both of the make believe dog and pony show parties called Dems and Repubs. That is why they both equally hate the TEA Party and It's Members. They are Fascists and with Fascism, all Opposition Voices Must Be Quieted and Squashed. Case Closed. Good Day--Jerome Ennis

  2. I just finished posting the following on FB (3/2/2013) and on a page called Thug Life or Thugs with Guns, which shows dozens and dozens of inner city thugs with Illegal Guns, while Obama tries to disarm Legal, Law Abiding Citizens pretending it is for the Chil-Ren or general public safety, which we all know is a lie. Here is my letter to Obama and is published on FB and on this Thug Site: Thanks--Jerome
    Mr. Presidente' Obama, I have a question and a suggestion for you, even though I am only asking rhetorically, for I already know the answer to the question I am asking, but it is a question you will not honestly answer. Why don't you and the massive police force you have at your disposal, try Investigating and Arresting the Illegal Gun Owners who are Thugs running every city street in America, and especially in the large Socialist-Democrat-Mob-Union Run Cities such as Chicago, the city you call your hometown. Of course you are not going to Police these thugs, they are part of your Army. These thugs are responsible for over 90 percent of all Child Murderers, as well as of others who are murdered in the USA. More Chil-Ren are murdered in Chicago, NY, Los Angles, DC and other Thug Run Cities in one day than are killed by all the so-called Mass Child Killings that are carried out by some Nut Job who was turned into a Nut Job thanks to the Public Education System that is controlled by the NEA and the United States Department of Mis-Education and Indoctrination.

    You and other corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and so-called news media and so-called actors and musicians and others are running around preaching and promoting “Gun Control To Protect Public Safety and especially Safety of the Chil-Ren.”

    This is a complete lie on your part and on the part of the other gutless slime balls that support you and play your idiotic campaign Lies and Propaganda on a 24-7 feed pretending they are reporting news.

    If you and these other corrupt and subversive slime balls you surround yourself with really cared about public safety or for the Chil-Ren, you would be going to Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Birmingham, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Seattle, Portland, Madison, Boston, Newark, Camden, Charlotte, Washington DC, Baltimore and other large metro cities where Chil-Ren and other innocents die on a 24-7 cycle, and actually Enforce Law and Order and get the Illegally Obtained guns out of the hands of Thugs, Drug Dealers, Rapists, Burglars, Robbers, and others who are actually the Number One Killers in the USA.

  3. Part 2 of Thugs With Guns—by Jerome Ennis

    No, Mr. Obama and the rest of your Ilk, you do not care about protecting the Chil-Ren or anybody else. All you all are really trying to do is to Disarm the Legal Gun Owner in order to make it easier for you fascist wannabe dictators to control the law abiding, and especially if one day, you or some other subversive fascist such as you, decide to call Martial Law. You and your ilk want no possible resistance from Tyrants like you. That is why our founding fathers had the good sense to put into the Basic Bill Of Rights, the second amendment, the right to own and bear guns with no restrictions from government, either local or federal. What we are witnessing today is the result of the law abiding being willing to give up more and more liberties, especially to gun rights with all the Restrictions, Permits, Fees, Taxes, etc. that the government at all levels now put on gun possession and ownership. The Second Amendment did not say, "You have this right but your local or federal government can willy nilly decide how to Control Your Right." This is how Creeping Fascism which leads to tyranny starts. And, sadly, all too many ignorant, No-Information Voters know nothing about our laws or the constitution except what the lying fascists like Obama tells them.

    And, you want to disarm the law abiding citizens so that they cannot protect their own homes and families from home invaders such as the thugs I earlier described. These inner city thugs with guns are responsible for about 99 percent of every home invasion and murders. You and others like you Mr. Obama, want to Protect Thugs because they are your Biggest Fans and Supporters who can be Organized into Flash Mobs when you and your mob and union allies want to Cause A Riot supposedly for some Just Cause after you, Mr. Obama or other Class Warfare and Racist Politicians go to cities and Rile Everybody into an Angry and Vicious mob with your incendiary remarks in your speeches. Then, you give them a wink and a nod as a way of telling them, “As soon as I am gone and Safe, Let the Riots Begin.”

    And, in most everyone of the Major Murder Cities are run by Democrat Machine Governments that are made up of Democrat Politicians, The Mobs, and the Marxist and Thuggish Union Leaders.

    Part 3 of Thugs with Guns to follow

  4. Part 3 of Guns with Thugs:

    No, Mr. Obama, your Gun Grab is not seriously concerned with Public Safety or for the Chil-Ren you love to use as PROPS and Backdrops for your Propaganda Campaign, it is all a lie and you know it, and so do millions of Legal U.S. Citizens who legally own guns. You want to Control the Law Abiding, especially those that disagree with you and your Marxist and Dictatorial Policies. You want to insure that Legal Gun Owning Citizens cannot Protect Themselves from the Jack Boots that you and others of your ilk would use given the opportunity. That is all your Gun Grab is about.

    So, Mr. Obama, say no more of your lies and man up (I know you can't do that because Bullies are never real Men), but pretending you could Man Up, and you care about murder, especially murder of the precious Chil-Ren that you USE and Hide Behind, go to the Major Cities which are the Major Crime and Murder Scenes on a 24-7 basis, and encourage the Mayors and other Thug Politicians to make their police departments, sheriffs departments, state troopers, FBI, BATFE, HLS, DEA, and another dozen or so Alphabet Soup Fascist U.S. Government Police Forces go out there and Clean Out Your Filthy and Corrupt Cities where 99 percent of all murders take place daily and annually and most of these with Illegally Obtained and Owned Firearms. But, of course, I know you and your corrupt party that runs this government and our major population centers, are not about to clean up your corrupt and murderous cities, because you all use these same thugs for your own advantage when needed. And, all these thugs, if they vote, always vote for Democrats. All your laws and restrictions on gun ownership are aimed at the responsible and law abiding gun owners, while you and your regime counterparts in these slummy cities, allow illegally obtained guns in the hands of thugs as young as age 10. These little thugs would be very easy to find and disarm, but you know, and most of us know, you will not do that, and neither will your Race Hustling Allies such as Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Michelle Obama, Al Sharpton, or Louie Farakhan and others of your ilk in government and Hollywood.

    Instead of Policing Criminals with this Massive Police Power that these cities and this country have, they use them against the Law Abiding. The BATFE sells guns to thugs and drug dealers, and then go around and bust Legal Gun Shops and Gun Owners and illegally seize Legally Owned Weapons, but they Never seem to be able to catch one of those Pesky Criminals On the Streets of the USA, including in the nations capitol, DC.

    Part 4 to follow:

  5. Part 4 of Thugs with Guns

    And, what is ironic Mr. Obama, your and Mooch-Elles hometown is the Murder Capital of the World, not just in the USA, but in the world Mr. Obama. You seem to be oblivious to over 400 Chil-Ren Murdered by your Thug Allies in Chicago. So, before you go campaigning and preaching to Law Abiding and Responsible U.S. Citizens and trying to trample our rights the same way you have trampled the U.S. Constitution when it comes to your Dictates which you do Illegally, go to Chicago and do your Cleanup, then Return to DC and do the same thing in the nation's capital where decent people and especially, the children, are terrified to get on a bus or train, and they especially are afraid to go out at night. Your sister-city, Baltimore is no better. It is a carbon copy of DC when it comes to Thug and Mob Rule where children are never safe.

    And, Mr. Obama, stop Using Innocent Children as your Props and Backdrops, the same way you use everybody else for Your Personal Political ambitions, because you know Mr. Obama, you could care less for the children of this country or for our military men and women or of law enforcement officials you simply use them as props for Photo-Ops, then jump into your Limo Protected by thousands of Armed Police, SS and Military, and drive off into the sunset for your next Photo Shoot or Golf Match or on a Vacation or just to the White House where you invite in and Entertain (MTV)Rapper Thugs that Glamorize Cop Killers, Drug Using/Dealing and Rape and other abuse and degradation of women. (Oh, I forgot about the precious women you also use as props claiming that your opposition are anti-fairness to women.) Rappers who are out there infecting the minds of our children all over the country. And your Hollywood Trash Friends also make disgusting movies and TV shows that show, teach and preach the same type of trash that the MTV Rappers promote and encourage in our Children, and not just black children, but all children.
    You are a disgrace to this country, to the office of president and to the White House Mr. Obama, and I will be so glad the day you and Mooch-Elle pack it up and go on a Permanent Vacation. Besides, you and Mooch-Elle's Lifestyle is Bankrupting the Country while you tell all of us to buy a Chevy Volt and not to go to Las Vega. What a hypocrite liar we have as a POTUS. Would never believed in a million years that we would wind up with a Marxist Thug Bully as POTUS, but that is exactly what and who Mr. Obama truly is, as is angry mate, Mooch-Elle.
    Thanks --Jerome Ennis

    1. Love said what a lot of us are thinking. :)

  6. Diane.. love ya girl.. and you and I usually agree on things but not this time! I just spoke on this issue at 2nd Amendent rallys in Michigan, New York and Alabama.. Below is the article I wrote on the issue.

    Senate Dems Push Assault Weapons Ban… Senate Republicans Push Crazy People Ban… Who Gets to Define “Assault”.. and “Crazy”??
    Do you really want the federal government, (which has proven to be a colossal failure at every thing it handles) deciding which guns “look” okay for you to own and which citizens in this country have the proper mental capacity to own them?
    As Senate Democrats push ahead with a proposed ban on assault weapons and other gun-control legislation, Republicans are still trying to draw attention to what they see as the bigger issue — keeping the mentally ill from owning firearms.
    A proposal on the issue was introduced this month by South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who on Thursday again expressed his interest in getting the measure passed.
    “I believe that the best way to interrupt the shooter is to have a mental health system that actually records and enters into the database people who should not be able to buy a gun,” Graham said.
    He made his remark while voting against a bill passed by the committee to ban assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.
    As a responsible gun owner, I certainly agree that I do not want guns in the hands of crazy people, however, here is my problem with Senator Graham’s proposal: Who gets to define crazy? If the government has anything to do with it, anyone who has ever been prescribed an anti-depressant could fit in the mentally ill category. The government may also determine that any Veteran who fought in a war, may have some forms of depression and therefore can not own a firearm. The government might also decide that people who believe in God, the Constitution, and fear tyranny, are mentally ill. The government may decide that people who are preppers are mentally ill.
    In addition, people who appear perfectly sane today, could suddenly trip out and become crazy over some unfortunate incident in their lives. How is the government going to monitor and control that? Drones? Listening devises in our homes?
    Seriously…. Has making drugs illegal stopped drug abuse? The argument could be made that people high on illegal drugs are mentally unstable so should the government start drug testing all Americans daily to declare those people unfit to own guns?
    There are over 20 thousand gun control laws on the books in America. There are already laws in place to monitor and regulate the firearms industry and gun ownership. Many of those laws are not even being enforced.
    Here is the bottom line: Criminals, Crazies, and the Government WILL ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO AND HAVE GUNS. Additional laws only affect LAW ABIDING, NON-THREATENING citizens who want to own guns simply for self defense and because they have a Constitutional Right to own them. Give the government an inch.. it takes a mile and once you hand over any rights to the government, you can expect it will take blood to recover it.
    Lindsey Graham and all those folks aligning with him on this issue need to go back and read what Jefferson said about people who are willing to exchange liberty for the sake of security… Those people deserve NEITHER.

    Read more:

    1. Hi Jan, you make some very good points but the people I was referring to are those who have been proven violent and/or committed for violent acts. In NO way do I mean those with common mental illnesses like depression or such. I strictly meant those like the Newtown shooter whose parents knew he was a danger to society yet allowed him to
      receive NO mental help and tried to push his violence under the table.

      Most mass shooters have records of severe mental illness with violent behavior, both judicially certified and doctor certified...those are the people I'm speaking about. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Answer this ... The Gov. Of Colorado knew the father of the prison warden killer. It appears the convict son had help obtaining his,weapons. Why is the gov. Of colorado for gun control and using his office to shield a thug friend lawyer...???

    1. The why is simple...he's an Obama supporter is why.